The Healing Power of the Positive Mind

positive thinking

The mind is a very powerful thing that lets people do anything they want to do. As opposed to the brain, a physical structure that manages every process in the body, the mind is something intangible, allowing emotions and thoughts to continuously propel humanity forward. Although these are separate entities, they are inexplicably linked, both making use of the other to function independently.

The mind in itself is full of wonders. Studies show that it helps in the healing of the physical body, more specifically because of its capacity to be optimistic and use positive thinking. Placebo is probably something you’ve heard before as a “false” medical treatment that can supposedly do the job of a real and scientific treatment. This placebo effect has something to do with the mind, positive thinking, and other beliefs, making the mind a healing structure assisting that of clinical procedures.

Increases effectiveness of treatment

Many people are currently undergoing medical treatments to cure different ailments that hinder their quality of life. Some are fighting off common diseases like colds and flu but others are battling serious cases like the novel coronavirus that kept people inside their homes for more than a year now and different kinds of cancer that require special and careful treatment from a hospital or cancer center.

While undergoing these procedures, it can be helpful to use the mind to aid in the process. Thinking optimistically that you will get better may not directly cure your ailments but it will keep you in a positive state without crippling worries that may worsen your condition. Positive thinking, at its best, should help to improve the results from the treatment that you are receiving.

Promotes a better lifestyle

Lifestyle choices affect our overall health in every possible way. When you choose to live an unhealthy life and refuse to change, your mind can be affected, opening the risk of deteriorating mental health. But inversely, you can use your mind to make better choices in life with just some positive reinforcement, discipline, and optimism. A positive mind will give you a clear image of what healthy living is and will equip you with the right incentive to reach that level of health. This will also drive you away from those unhealthy choices that keep you from achieving the best quality of life.

Healthy lifestyle

Reduces stress

A healthy mind should help to reduce stress levels. If you are someone who consistently deals with a lot of stress, you may find that you always feel ill with headaches, random body pains, or simple fatigue that seem to never leave. Stress is a silent killer that weakens the body slowly over time, leaving you more susceptible to diseases.

One way of dealing with stress is by conditioning the mind to look at the brighter side of things. It helps to relieve the mind of worries and give it more time to recover from your daily stresses. When you are in a constant state of stress, your body responds by releasing hormones that cause your pulse to race, blood pressure to rise, and emotions to be in shambles. By using your mind to calm yourself, you stop these hormones from putting you in a less than stable condition.

Induces better sleep

Sleep is crucial in maintaining good health. But a poor mind can hinder sleep in more ways than one. So it is important to try to keep a stable mindset that will regulate your stress and promote better sleep. This will keep you active throughout the day with enough energy to deal with anything that life throws at you.


Lastly, positive thinking will keep you in a serene state that repels negativity in many aspects of your life. This is where meditation comes in. Meditation promotes a positive mind and body for better health.

From this, it is easy to see how the mind is powerful enough to influence entire body systems which promote healing. People should always think of helping themselves by seeing the good in everything instead of all the risks and hazards. But as mentioned, the mind is deeply connected to the brain that is also linked to every part of the body. This means that pure belief, optimism, and positive thinking are never enough to heal physically broken anatomical structures.

In these kinds of situations, the mind can only add to the natural healing abilities of the body and speed up recovery from most kinds of disease or injury. Medical procedures and treatment are also crucial in this process, especially with more complex and life-threatening dangers that cannot be miraculously cured by the mind.

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