Long-Sleeve Swimsuit: Sexier and More Functional Beachwear for You

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When you think of beach fashion, the first images that come to mind are bikinis, monokinis, one-piece’s — basically any clothing that exposes your skin to the sun and waves. The summer season and/or visits to the beach are a perfect excuse to flash some skin or get a tan. So the idea of wearing a long-sleeve swimsuit may be at the bottom of your list.

After all, is it possible to achieve the “hot girl summer” look if you’re all covered up in a long-sleeve one-piece suit?

Fortunately, we live in a time where fashion standards are becoming flexible enough to accommodate our individual opinions on what’s sexy. And in this article, we’re going to uphold the fact that a long-sleeve swimsuit is just as perfect for the beach as your favorite bikini. Plus, it comes with many perks!

The Long-Sleeve Swimsuit: Who is She Though?

Long-sleeve swimsuits, otherwise known as rash guards, are athletic swimming attires originally designed for surfers. Most rash guards are made of polyester, nylon or spandex to protect the wearer’s skin while swimming, including damage from scrapes, chafing and rashes.

This long-sleeve bathing suit is also often called a “sun shirt” because it can protect you from sunburn while doubling up as a swimsuit cover-up.

In terms of the history of the rash guard, the information on its origins isn’t clear. What we do know is that in the 1970s, scuba divers and surfers would wear layers of lycra fabric to protect their skin from shavings. As many of these athletes wore rash guards, the world followed suit.

Are Long-Sleeve Swimsuits Hot?

The word “hot” offers two connotations when it comes to swimwear.

First, are long-sleeve swimsuits too hot to wear, especially under the scorching summer sun? Not really. Out of the water, it can get warm, especially if you’re sitting under the sun for too long. But that is applicable to any long-sleeved shirt. In the water, you won’t feel too hot in your rash guard. If anything, your long-sleeve swimsuit will keep you from feeling too cold underwater.

Second, are long-sleeve swimsuits considered fashionable? Contrary to what many people think, women’s rash guard is not the nerdy cousin of the bikini or the monokini. It is just as fashionable as other swimsuits.

These long-sleeve swimsuits are available in different styles and colors. You can stay covered up in the traditional rash guard or experiment. Many swimwear stores are releasing sexy long-sleeved one-pieces with mesh details and cutouts. If you feel flirtier on your beach day, enjoy a long-sleeved bikini that comes in a variety of fun prints. Some rash guards are also available in two-piece styles. Look fashionable in a long-sleeve crop-top that comes with removable padded inserts and high-waisted bottoms.

Either way, a long-sleeve swimsuit won’t make you hot in terms of temperature BUT it will make you look hotter than summer. Despite being a more covered-up version of other swimsuits, this long-sleeve bathing suit can still emphasize your curves and style.

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Why You Should Fall In Love With Rash Guards for Women

Women’s rash guards have many purposes under the cool waves and blazing sun. Worn as a protective layer, this long-sleeve bathing suit can protect you from harsh ocean conditions, damaging sunlight rays and uncomfortable chafing.

Still need more convincing? Here are more reasons to get a rash guard for your next beach trip.

  1. Prevention from skin rash. A rash guard’s primary function is to protect the wearer from the abrasions caused by the waxy residue of the surfboard and the sand. Although the rash is due to the constant sliding on and off movement you make while on the board, rash guards can also protect you if you’re having too much active fun on the shore. Designed with lightweight and quick-drying material, rash guards help you enjoy the beach more.
  2. Sun-safety. Rash guards can also protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, aka the enemy number one of people going to the beach. Most long-sleeved swimsuits today are designed with Ultraviolet Protection Factors (UPF). However, rash guards must not replace the need for sunscreen. Don’t forget to still apply sunscreen once you’ve worn your rash guard.
  3. Sea armor. As mentioned above, rash guards are not designed to keep you warm. Instead, it offers a better alternative when the weather is too warm for a full-body wetsuit. Also, a good long-sleeved swimsuit protects you from foreign sea particles.

Where Can You Wear Women’s Rash Guards?

Rash guards are popular for their skin protection features, which are important for beach activities, water sports and other situations where you are exposed to the sun. However, these long-sleeved swimsuits are useful for more instances than just a beach trip.

Here are other instances where you can wear your favorite rash guard:

  • Beach or water sports. The rash guard is THE gold standard for surfing fashion. It protects your skin from scrapes and cuts (if you wipe out), the water’s harsh waves and harmful UV rays. It is also great attire for beach sports like swimming laps, volleyball or jogging.
  • Cover-up for swimsuits. If you are going to lounge all day at the beach, a rash guard is handy when you want to come in from the beach. Long-sleeve swimsuits dry easily so you don’t have to worry about pesky water marks ruining your look.
  • Lawn work or gardening. Gardening means spending a long time outside. This increases your risk for sun exposure. Instead of lathering up sunscreen repeatedly while mowing the lawn or working on your garden, wear a rash guard.
  • Hiking. On a hike, your favorite long-sleeved swimsuit can double as a layering piece. It can protect you from the sun when you wear it on top of your regular hiking clothes. The rash guard’s quick-drying fabric keeps you comfortable no matter what the weather is. Plus, rash guards have a thicker fabric so it protects your skin from rocks and branches that can cause cuts and scrapes.

Times are changing in the scene of beachwear fashion and at the forefront of that change is the rising popularity of the long-sleeve swimsuit. Although bikinis and monokinis are cute, there’s no denying that rash guards are cute AND very functional. So if you want to look fashionable and comfortable while enjoying a day at the beach, shop for women’s rash guards today.

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