Living on Autopilot: How Mindfulness Can Help You Regain Control

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Sometimes, we get too lazy that we unconsciously train our brains to make quick decisions based on the data presented. But if you want to live a better life, it is time you start making better decisions by getting back in the driver’s seat. But how do you know you are living on autopilot, and how can you start changing for the better?

Signs You Are Living on Autopilot

Many people don’t know that they are already relying too much on their autopilot mode. Research in the UK shows that autopilot decision-making is already epidemic. They don’t even realize that such a mechanism in our brain is already making most of our day-to-day decisions, impacting our health, career, relationships, and overall happiness. Here are the signs you¬†are already living on autopilot mode:

  • Always busy and distracted
  • Let others’ expectations define your decisions
  • Not paying enough attention to your needs
  • Not making enough room for last-minute changes
  • Have a routine that is so predictable
  • Cannot seem to let go of your phone
  • Feel bored even if the day has just started
  • Afraid to go out of your comfort zone
  • Daydream about improving your life but can’t find the motivation to change for the better

How Being Mindful Helps in Fighting Autopilot

Mindfulness allows us to live in the present, make better decisions, and improve our health and life. This is actually the opposite of living on autopilot. It is letting your awareness live in the present, slow down when you need it the most, and taking into consideration the little things for you to make better decisions.

Mindfulness may not be the cure to all of your problems. It has its limitations. But it can indeed help you change your life for the better instead of allowing your autopilot to take charge of your life.

When you live on autopilot, you become lost in your routine. There is no longer excitement in your life. It becomes easy to lose sight of your experiences.

Being mindful helps you release your stress, think of the more important things, and realize there is more to life than your usual stressors. Even if things are not exactly going your way, you learn to focus on the good instead of simply worrying about the bad. It becomes easier to appreciate each day with intention.

Practicing Mindfulness to Reduce Autopilot Tendencies

Thankfully, there are ways you can start embracing mindfulness so you can avoid relying too much on autopilot. This way, you can improve your quality of life. Here are some examples of how you can start embracing mindfulness in your life.

Know Your Loved One’s Love Language

Every one of us has our own love language. Your parents, friends, coworkers, even your partner or spouse have their own of expressing and receiving love. Knowing their love language and telling them yours will help you improve your relationship.

It does not matter if you need help to fix your relationship with your mom, friend, or the love of your life. Even if you met your partner with the help of a professional matchmaker, the two of you would be the ones who need to work on your relationship. Being more mindful of their needs and the way they wish to be loved makes it easier to enhance your relationships with them.

Live Each Day With Intention

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Many of us drive to work, eat our meals, work on our tasks, and use the internet mindlessly. This does more than just waste our precious time. Doing things on autopilot takes the fun, excitement, and learning out of everything. Try doing everything with intention, and you will find yourself more productive each day.

For instance, instead of eating your usual meals, take time to plan each meal by incorporating healthier food items into your diet. Before you scroll on social media, make sure you have a task you can accomplish. This can be reaching to long-distance loved ones or learning about the latest trends in your industry.

Consider Starting a Journal

There is a reason why some of the most successful people have their own journals. They may be very busy with their own endeavors. But they make sure to take time and write their thoughts, feelings, ideas, and experiences. A reflection journal can help you realize the great things that happened despite feeling bad at the end of the day.

A gratitude journal will make you realize that you should be thankful for many things no matter how bad the day went. Journaling allows you to be more aware, regulate your feelings, and enjoy a better sense of self-identity. This can also help you improve your confidence and change your perspective.

Final Thoughts

Being mindful helps take your mind off of autopilot. You become more aware of what you want and what is happening in your life. Enjoy more opportunities to improve your life for the better by welcoming mindfulness into your life.


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