The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Vietnam for 2023


A not-so-hidden gem in Southeast Asia, Vietnam attracts hundreds of travelers because of its vibrant culture, delicious food, and gorgeous parks. With travel restrictions being lifted, adventurous souls have listed the many interesting places to visit in Vietnam as part of their itineraries.

Traveling to Vietnam is extremely easy for both solo travelers and traveling parties. Not only is the country filled with beautiful tourist destinations, it’s easily one of the most budget-friendly places to travel. With its multitude of unique ethnic groups and cultural spots, there is something for everyone in this underrated destination.

Check out our top recommendations for hidden gems and Vietnam tourist destinations to visit this 2023:

Halong Bay

One of Vietnam’s greatest tourist destinations is Halong Bay, with its breathtaking blend of karst limestone hills and protected, glistening seas. This UNESCO Heritage Site is surrounded by  breathtaking landscapes to go around with more than 2000 islands.

Make time for your own personal moments on this dreamy and ethereal location with an overnight cruise. For early risers, there’s nothing quite like an ethereal foggy dawn to start your day. Adventurers, on the other hand, will love paddling a kayak through grottoes and lagoons.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City

Formerly known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City has a visceral vitality that will please fans of major cities. The best part is that the city keeps a distinctly Vietnamese vibe to it. Visiting HCMC is like tossing a coin though—you’ll either love its  exhilarating energy filled with the constant hum of its orbiting motorbikes, or you’ll be overwhelmed by the thriving metropolis.

HCMC doesn’t encourage objectivity (and some visitors seem to be perpetually seesawing between the two). If you plunge in, you’ll be rewarded with a wealth of history (the War Remnants Museum is a must-see), delectable cuisine, and a lively nightlife that includes everything from beers on street corners to upscale cocktail lounges. Just remember to wear something cool and loose as the temperature can go really high!


Red And Yellow Flag

The capital of Vietnam is a city that has one foot firmly planted in a fascinating past and one foot confidently moving forward. Hanoi offers a lot of interesting places to visit in Vietnam, all of which are embroiled in both the past and present.

Explore the Old Quarter’s streets while sipping egg coffee (coffee made with egg yolks) or chowing down on a hefty bowl of bun rieu cua (sour crab noodle soup), all the while observing business people eating noodle breakfasts or playing chess with goateed grandfathers. When you’re finished, explore the French Quarter’s decaying decadence before heading to the fashionable Tay Ho for exquisite eating options and information on Hanoi’s developing art scene.

Hội An

Vietnam’s most ambient and endearing town is the historic Hội An. It has the majestic architecture and alluring riverbank location befitting its past as a significant port. This well-preserved beauty easily makes our list of the most beautiful places in Vietnam.

Although people and rice fields have increasingly been replaced by tourist-oriented companies, the Old Town’s magnificent legacy of teetering Japanese merchant homes, ornate Chinese guildhalls, and antique tea warehouses has been maintained. The atmosphere includes a lot of lounge bars, boutique hotels, travel agencies, a ton of tailor shops, and a ton of daily travelers. Go on a bike and explore the town’s pristine environs if it all becomes too much; you’ll discover that life there moves at a far more leisurely pace.

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park, a must-visit location for adventurers, is a detour from the typical Vietnam tourist route. The surrounding panorama sweeps from limestone mountains with peaks up to 1554 meters down into deep valleys lined with lakes and waterfalls. In addition to the critically endangered Vietnamese salamander, the park is home to hundreds of other animal species, such as monkeys, bears, and pangolins (the only mammals with an entirely scale-covered body). For birders, the park is a haven for the magnificent crested serpent eagle and the oriental honey buzzard, which can be spotted on boat trips or trekking expeditions. Recharge in the rustic homestays and village guesthouses of the local Tay ethnic group after a day of animal-spotting.

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