8 Beauty Tips to Follow If You Want to Look Like a Model


Have you looked at models, either in advertisements or on the runway, and thought that they have it easy? They’re tall. They’re skinny. They usually have a face so pretty it doesn’t look real. But if you’ve ever seen a model eat a cookie or drink a soda, you know that these people are just as human as everyone else—even though they may not look like it. If you want to be beautiful but don’t have the luxury of being naturally gorgeous, check out some helpful tricks below that will help transform anyone into a beauty queen just by making some minor changes to your daily routine:

Drink a lot of water before going to bed

If you don’t have much time for an extensive beauty regimen, try this simple trick that models swear by: drinking at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. Don’t go nuts and drink 32 glasses—unless you want to spend your whole day in the bathroom. Try doing it consistently for two weeks without fail. Staying hydrated can help flush out toxins from your body, leaving you with clearer skin and brighter teeth.

Eat healthy food all throughout the day

No one ever said being beautiful was easy–it’s hard work. That’s why hiring a personal trainer is often just as expensive as having cosmetic surgery. But did you know that a lot of models credit their beauty to nutritious diets? They don’t eat junk food. The more vegetables, the better. And if it has fewer than three ingredients, it’s even better. If you want to have a model body while getting the essential nutrients, you can consult a weight loss doctor to create a successful weight loss plan.

Exercise regularly

If your schedule is too packed, don’t resign yourself to being overweight forever. Take some time out from your busy day to get in shape with a fun exercise routine: jog, practice yoga, do whatever you feel like doing as long as it’s gentle on your body and gives you an all-over workout. It doesn’t matter what type of workout you do so long as it makes your heart pump faster and improves blood circulation throughout your entire body.

Use a facial mask

skincare mask

Do this once a week to rejuvenate your skin and give yourself a healthy glow. Take a break from looking at social media for an hour or two, put on some relaxing music, and try out this easy-to-follow recipe that every model swears by.

Mix three egg whites with one cup of milk and two tablespoons of lemon juice (or vinegar). Apply the mixture all over your face and neck, let it dry for 15 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly to reveal softer skin!

Minimize your use of harsh chemicals such as shampoos and deodorants

Have you ever noticed how models’ skin is always so smooth? It’s because they don’t rely on products with harsh chemicals which strip the skin of its natural oils. If you want to be beautiful, make sure you use shampoos free from sulfates, deodorant without aluminum, and moisturizers that are made with natural ingredients only. As a bonus, they’re often more affordable than their chemical counterparts.

Ditch your baggy jeans for something a little more flattering

Not only do models have great figures, but they also know how to dress properly. You can look just as stunning as them if you go out and buy some new pieces of clothing specifically designed to flatter women’s curves, such as pencil skirts or slacks with side pockets, so you’ll appear slimmer. These are some secrets the makeup artists, hairstylists, and wardrobe consultants who work with models know all too well.

Use basic makeup tricks

Simple makeup tricks can make you appear older or younger than you are. Back in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was said to have used onion juice as an effective way to whiten her teeth. In contrast, Elizabeth I is said to have used lead powder on her eyelids before applying mascara, but obviously, neither would be an option for modern-day beauty junkies. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for you to achieve the perfect look without endangering your health—like tying a tight ponytail around your hairline, then applying extra-strength liquid eyeliner right along your lash line. You’ll be shocked at how much it opens up and brightens your eyes! Another fast and easy trick is using waterproof mascara on the tips of the lashes only, so they don’t run should you come into contact with water or tear up during an emotional scene in a movie.

Learn how to properly contour your face for maximum effect

If you’ve ever wondered what the big deal is about makeup, it’s because it can do so much more than just improve your looks—that’s why even male celebrities are embracing the power of cosmetics! Using makeup is no longer just for women. Contouring is one of the latest trends in cosmetics which allows you to conceal any flaws on your face while accentuating your best features at the same time. Have you ever seen Will Smith or John Legend without their signature eye shadow? And they have plenty of money to pay professionals to get them looking good every day. You can do the same with a bit of practice!

While modeling may seem like a competitive and intimidating profession, it’s still possible to look like a model without being one by following the ten tricks listed above. The most important trick is knowing what works for you and making sure you always look your best! If you really want to make an impression on someone, don’t just show up—wow them! And how you look is important because first impressions are everything.



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