About Us

Here at Love Life Eat, we love two things: living life to the fullest and making sure our stomachs are always full!

Love Life Eat is an online space for people who share our passion for these two things. We wanted to create a platform where we can share our thoughts on health, wellness, diet, fitness, adventure and lifestyle. If you’re a big fan of recipes or are looking for itineraries for your next travel, you’re in the right place. 

The Beginnings of Love Life Eat

Love Life Eat is the brainchild of three sisters: Greta, Ginny and Gaia. Raised by a single mom who ran a small eatery in California, all three sisters shared their mother’s passion for home cooking. Each sister was responsible for a small role in their mom’s small business: Greta the Baker, Ginny the Pasta Expert and Gaia the Meat Lover/Cook.

Each girl grew up with different occupations and passions in life but their love for their roles stayed with them. The sisters gather with their friends to exchange recipes, host cook-offs and have tea parties here and there. Now, they want to share what they know and love with you. 

Love Life, Love Food

Love Life Eat is the best place to find meals perfect for any occasion. We also talk about overall wellness — how you can stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. 

This is a safe space where we can talk about food, wellness and everything under the sun.

Meet the Team

Greta Winston-DeWitt

Greta Winston-DeWitt

Greta is a pediatrician and a loving mother of two. Known as The Baker of the Winston sisters, Greta bakes bread in her free time. On Sundays, Greta visits her sisters to give them her “Bread of the Week,” so they can sample her week’s bake.

Ginny Winston-Philips

Ginny Winston-Philips

The middle child of the Winston sisters, Ginny is a blogger and a lifestyle writer who is also known for her pasta skills. She can make pasta from scratch — make no mistake. She is also a mother to twins, both of whom love cream sauce pasta dishes.

Gaia Winston

Gaia Winston

The youngest Winston daughter is a pre-school teacher who is a big fan of burgers. Whenever she and her sisters meet, she is in charge of the grill. Apart from grilling, Gaia is also a talented calligrapher and dancer.



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