a first look at my new los angeles home


When I first started looking for apartments in Los Angeles, I wanted a house. Years ago, when a rather wealthy friend gave me loan of her summer home in Easton, Connecticut, I remember the first day in her house and running up and down the stairs. Until that day I never knew what it was like to live in a divided home, to have a whole other floor. I never conceived of a place where I wouldn’t hear the strange nocturnal habits of neighbors. I spent weeks trolling listings, and it became nearly impossible to rent one of the enviable bungalow homes without physically being in Los Angeles.

Leasing companies are easier–less fuss, detailed floor plans and apartment videos. I ended up in a great building in Santa Monica, and I chose it for the open floor plan. It doesn’t seem strange to me to have all the varying ways in which I love to create in one place. I make and photograph food in the same room where I build brand plans, read, and write my dark stories. For years I compartmentalized my writing, food, and work, and now they play in the sandbox, harmoniously. One isn’t kicking dirt in other’s face, so to speak.

I wanted to share my new home not because I think it’s Pinterest-worthy (my god, it isn’t), but because it’s the first place where I really feel at home. The light is clean and bright, and during the day it’s beautifully quiet. I left most of my belongings in New York and what you see here was deliberately chosen, emblematic of a lighter, leaner life. The only clutter are my papers and books, and I fervently believe you should share a home lived in. Why wouldn’t you be proud of half-empty cups and pots on the stove? That’s what makes a house a home–what you create and the prints that you leave behind.

As you can see, I spend most of my time in my living room/kitchen space. It’s also where I spent most of my money. My bedroom is downright spare because I only use it for sleeping, and admittedly I don’t know what else to get that would give me joy without creating superfluous clutter. I might get a bookshelf or large woven basket to store magazines and the items you see on the floor. What I do care about is my patio, where I do most of my entertaining (it’s also a space where I have room to dine when friends come over), so I do plan to invest in some proper outdoor furniture (I’m tossing these chairs because I’ve learned that the cost of fixing them would be more expensive than buying new outdoor chairs) and plants when I have the money. I’m done with the shopping, and I’m now focused on paying rent and health insurance.

You may have also noticed that I don’t have anything hammered into my walls. My lease was ODYSSEAN, and there are so many rules in terms of hangings and what not, so I opted to use the shelves leading to my patio for the purposes of showcasing art and framed prints. I’ve one large plant that I have yet to kill (this is a huge leap for me as I’m known in certain circles as a cacti murderer), and I’ve got great storage in my space, which makes for a less messy feel.

If you have any questions on particulars (I bought a TON of new kitchen supplies, of which I love), drop a line in the comments.

Couch: Crate & Barrel
Pillows: Alesouk (covers only; 20×20 inserts must be purchased separately), specially this + this. I just bought these awesome inserts.
Cashmere Throws: Gilt (A&R Cashmere), which feels more like chenille. This one is traditional cashmere.
Handwoven Throw (gold): Sammy of Ethiopia via Lost and Found
Coffee Table: Wayfair (no longer available)
Coffee Tray: CB2
Rug: One Kings Lane
TV Stand: Joss + Main Writing Table (no longer available)
Framed Cookbook Art: Summer Pierre
Bookcases: CB2
Hello Word Sign: West Elm
Side Table: Restoration Hardware (my friend Alex sold this to me for $50!)
Large Sodalite Bookends:One Kings Lane
Utility Carts: Ikea (I’ve two in the kitchen and one in my closet, which serves as a storage for my undergarmets)
Step Stool: Ikea
Serving Platter: Lost and Found (I love it so much I’ve used it four times already)


29 thoughts on “a first look at my new los angeles home

    1. Nope. I used to have one (the desk where you see my television), but I actually always write from my couch with my feet propped up on my coffee table. 🙂

      On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 4:48 PM, love.life.eat wrote:



  1. I love it! So bright, calm, and spacious. Can’t wait to see what you do with your terrace.

    I must see if the IKEA here sells those carts and step stool. Crate and Barrel does delivery to Italy (your couch is fantastic) but the shipping and customs costs would be more than the darn sofa.


      1. Thanks for the offer. I’ll check the website here. I try to avoid any deliveries from the US. The customs fees are outrageous. I had to pay 40€ (almost $60) once for two boxes of Girl Scout cookies that my sister sent me. Most expensive Samoas ever.


  2. The space is beautiful and what you have done with it is lovely plus it already looks as if you have lived there forever. With the soothing tones that you have used, I would think it would be like living in a really cool spa! I feel calm just looking at it. 🙂

    But…since no one else has brought it up…I think that I told you that I went to high school in Santa Cruz up north where I would literally wake up already in the door frame during earthquakes and tremors. Maybe you won’t have them as much since Santa Monica is on the sea (how far of a walk is it from your house?) but I took one look at your books so gorgeously stacked so high and was like, “Oh, dear.” Ditto for some of the art leaned against the windows. Just a thought…especially be careful for what is near your bed!


    1. thanks! I don’t feel comfortable talking about exactly where I live but should we have an earthquake I would be okay with putting these shelves back together.

      On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 12:51 AM, love.life.eat wrote:



      1. Oh my gosh, I should know better than that since I never mention where I live! My apologies, Felicia and bonne continuation in your lovely new home. 🙂


    1. Oh these pictures made my day for some reason! I love when people take so much care to fill their own space with so much positive energy and breathing space. It’s so gorgeous, I completely agree with @thrifterlust- apartment goals!

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