leaving for singapore + bali tomorrow: would love your tips!

Photo Credit: Zachary Symm
Photo Credit: Zachary Symm

After months of seven-day workweeks, hectic days, and planning for a cross-country move, know that I can’t wait to board a plane tomorrow (I ran out of Xanax, so my coping with potential turbulence during an 18-hour flight should make for good comedy). I’ll be in Singapore and Bali for two weeks in an effort to get centered, find calm, and eat copious amounts of food. While I’ve been to Bali, Singapore is completely new terrain. All I know about the city is that it’s hot and the street food game is strong.

If you’ve been to Singapore and have recommendations on what to do, see and eat, please drop me a note in the comments or tweet at me, @felsull.

Be prepared for two weeks of snaps from my holiday with some freelancing tips and move updates in between!


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28 thoughts on “leaving for singapore + bali tomorrow: would love your tips!

  1. In Singapore go to the open market and try the barbecued stingray, never had it anywhere else. If you try it please take a picture?

    Best of luck with everything
    (enjoyed your blogging for years)


  2. For Singapore – China Town is a good place, even in the evening. Was there this time last year and though stalls were closed, the evening was still buzzing with life. Also a visit to Pulau Ubin is recommended.

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  3. You should definitely visit Pulau Ubin while you are in Singapore! Also for shopping I recommend Bugis Village, super cheap and you could easily just spend a whole day with shopping there. For more high end shopping Orchard Road is a must! Definitely try the ice cream sandwiches that are sold at multiple places by steet food sellers , they usually cost around $1-2 and they are so good! It is literally ice cream between bread, so simple but so good! I miss it so much just thinking about it! Enjoy your trip! 🙂


  4. Duxton hill + club street are so great. Even though you don’t drink, good people watching and great food. Pincers & Pints is a favorite. The servers are awesome people. Gardens by the bay botanical garden in marina bay is crazy cool and mostly free. While you’re down there, you can go to to the hawker stand. I can’t remember the name but it had a huge white spire. I’m pretty sure it’s at cross St and raffles Quay. If you don’t have a hotel, I love the scarlett Singapore. Oh and cabs almost never pick up if you’re not at a cab stand. So much more to see and do if you’re still looking!


  5. Places to see: Gardens by the Bay
    Places to eat: all of the hawker centers (areas with lots of food stalls) are generally good for local food
    If you’re interested in nicer Chinese food, Din Tai Feng, a Taiwanese chain, is good – there is at least one in one of the many malls
    Things to eat:
    Hainan chicken rice
    Laksa and curry mee (soup noodles with curry) – I think they are rice noodles but check
    All sorts of fried noodles
    Otak-otak – fish grilled in banana leaf with spicy sauce
    Satay – meat skewers
    If you’re willing to eat some things with gluten: curry puffs, kaya toast, roti
    For dessert: ice kacang (ice with condensed milk and all sorts of goodies on top) – there’s a place in Chinatown that has a more upscale version
    The local coffee is amazing (made strong and served with condensed milk)


  6. Gosh, am I jealous. This is going to be a fabulous trip. I love Bali and haven’t been in…seven years! (sad moment) But I would just suggest that since you have already been, why not explore some of the more off the beaten path areas this time? Even though perhaps you already have! But I was thinking of things like the area around Sidemen, Candidasa, Kubu on the north coast or the beaches near the Wakagangga in Tabanan where the rice fields fall into the sea, the baths at Tampak Siring…I could go on. 🙂

    Enjoy. Well-deserved.

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    1. I actually plan on doing just that! I want to explore Ubud quite a bit for textiles, stuff for my home, art, and then I’m going to take some fun day trips. I’m glad I got all the touristy stuff out of the way last time 🙂 warmly, f.


  7. I recommend a lovely bookstore in the Tiong Bahru neighborhood of Singapore called Books Actually. It has a small, but well-curated collection of local and more well-known literature, in addition to a collection of Singaporean antiques in the back section of the store.


  8. Hello,

    I haven’t been active. We chat before about your trip. https://lovelifeeat.com/2015/04/27/caramelized-banana-and-coconut-ice-cream/comment-page-1/#comment-28726

    I do hope you are having loads of fun here! Do hang out on Saturday evenings near the Floating Platform at Marina Bay. We have our jubilee year celebration rehearsals, and yes that includes parachutes, airplane displays in the air and fireworks at night!!

    Oh since, we are approaching the end of the fasting month for the Muslims, which in other words also means Hari Raya Puasa (The Malay version of New Year in their calendar) is coming, you might want to spend some time at some of the nightmarkets, aka Pasar Malam, and enjoy the food and sights there.

    Last but not the least, enjoy!

    PS, I hope I am not too late in giving this piece of information! I presumed your trip would take place in the middle of July. I do apologise if my comment is redundant.

    Cheers 😉


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