banana mango smoothie

banana mango smoothie

People have opinions, even if you don’t invite them in, even if you don’t want to hear them. People will share them, emphatically, just so they’re heard. Just so they have a say. They want to tell you about that time they lived in the wasteland that is Los Angeles and hated it. They want to tell you that California isn’t New York, not by a long-shot, and in response you sigh and close your eyes and wonder if people really think you’re this naive or stupid. And then there are the clamouring voices of those who love New York, those who couldn’t imagine abandoning it, and they ask, with a mixture of confusion and mild disdain, why would you ever leave New York? Perhaps it never occurred to them that I am not them. I do not live my life according to anyone else’s opinions or flights of fancy.

I don’t make life decisions based on consensus; my move isn’t a team effort. I haven’t spoken or written much about my impending journey west because everyone seems to think they know exactly what I should be doing and how I should be doing it. They consider their opinion of a place as fact, and Felicia, you need to know all the facts. You need to know what you’re getting into.

I may not know what I’m getting into, but I want to flee all the noise, the constant barrage of unwanted color commentary. I do not want your opinion about where I should move, especially when I haven’t asked for it. You are not me.

Right now I’m going through a battle of the Santas: Santa Monica vs. Santa Cruz, which is really a battle between the bridge to the unfamiliar and the completely foreign. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Santa Monica over the past 11 years and while Los Angeles is not my vibe, I love the compactness of Santa Monica. I love that it’s familiar, yet different from New York, and navigatable. I’ve been mulling over this privately, and it wasn’t until a beautiful friend reminded me a simple, brilliant truth that put my heart on pause:

Maybe this is one of those moments where you realize that there isn’t a right decision. Both places would be awesome and you truly can’t go wrong. There’s a lot of freedom in that! I personally always spend a lot of time trying to make the “right” choice. But sometimes I realize that I’m stressing over nothing because both choices would be good outcomes–just different ones. I bet that’s the case here. Either choice is a right one. As big a deal as moving across the country is, ultimately…it’s not that big of a deal. Meaning that if you move to one place and hate it (unlikely), you can pick up and move to the other. Then it’s just a slight detour, but still a lesson and an experience you’ll be glad to have had.

I could just pick up and leave. I could leave! The point isn’t the final destination, rather it’s the journey home. And I’m deliriously excited to make the leap!

1 cup spinach
1 banana
1/2 cup cubed mango
1 cup almond milk
3 pitted dates

DIRECTIONS: Blitz until smooth!

banana mango smoothie

10 thoughts on “banana mango smoothie

  1. 2 years ago, I left my beautiful California of 30 years amidst various why would you ever leave paradise voices, to move to New York City, an object of my not-so-secret desire for as long as I lived in California. New York didn’t work out the way I dreamt it would and I left New York, returned to it, left again, and returned, yes, all in the past 2 years, during which time I have not gone back to my California. I am now trying to make New York work, because you know, if you can make here…the saying goes. Interesting aside happened, quite unexpectedly. I thought I would leave California only for New York. I couldn’t possibly live anywhere else. Too cold, too hot, too far from water, too small, too provincial, too gray, too south, too middle… Gradually as i bounced around here and there that are not California or New York, my spirit began to open up to other possibilities. Well, what about Charlotte? Atlanta? Denver? Arizona? (I just can’t go colder than New York though…) And I think my heart is opening up to all kinds of possibilities of this universe, not just where to live and work. I appreciate your boldness. I envy your future in California. I love it so. And I wish you luck!

    PS: I discovered your writing, quite by accident couple of months ago and have been reading every single thing you wrote. You are helping me so much as I go through my shift. Thanks!


  2. I love this perspective. I’ve been reflecting a lot on journey’s, destinations, making the right choice, etc…This really resonated with me. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. When we moved from Montreal to Halifax four years ago, I met many people who greeted me with a great deal of confusion. Why oh why would I leave a city like Montreal?! Why would I come to Halifax? Didn’t I know people in the Atlantic provinces were leaving in droves for the big cities out west? I should have moved to Toronto or Calgary or Vancouver, that’s what THEY would do if they could move right now.

    Fabulous. But you are not me. I moved to Halifax for my own reasons. I’m glad you love Montreal but I needed a change and I had been dreaming of Halifax for 7 years.

    In the end it is our own decision no matter how much noise other peoe make. You will make the right choice and if you eventually decide otherwise then you will make the right choice again. In the meantime I cant5wait to read your adventures no matter where they lead you.


  4. It is about YOU and YOUR choice. Life is a journey with no destination. YOU make HOME wherever you roam and make a pit stop at… and when you’ve had enough you pack up and keep it moving onto the next destination. “It is the journey, not the destination”


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