the time I actually bought something + told you about it.


I lead a very lean life. Most of my money is spent on food, fitness, travel, my cat, health care brokers and a very patient accountant who sometimes admonishes me when I send in my quarterly tax payments months late. Lately I’ve been regarding every acquisition as another item I’ll have to pay to move. When you get yourself in that mindset, you suddenly become acutely aware of the things you actually need versus what you want. You research your purchases, keep the samples you’re given, and you’re not beneath sampling handfuls of granola in your friend’s home because obviously you need to try before you buy. This is not an exaggeration–I was in my friend-slash-client’s home today for a work session and I asked about her coconut chia granola. Why waste money on something you can’t trust?

As a result, I don’t accumulate much (save my serious book-buying problem, for which I need a 12-step program), but when I do buy something know that it’s the BUSINESS.

You can probably tell from the snap above that I have a skincare affliction. I don’t buy or wear make-up, and don’t care much for fashion, but I take extremely good care of my skin. After wasting so much money on products that made my skin break out or moisturizers that were faux-hydrating, I’ve found that the Tata Harper line works best for my skin-type (combination in the summer with dry patches in the winter) and a little goes a long way. I’ve Grace to thank for this affliction, and after attending the launch party for her rebranded website, I scored a ton of Tata samples, which lead me to this glorious cleanser and an impulse beautifying face oil purchase when I was deep in a Tata hole–although I have to be honest and say that shopping on the Tata Harper site is a UX nightmare. The page load time is abysmally slow and the user flow/navigation are far from intuitive. I would’ve abandoned my cart in favor of ABC Carpet + Home had I not received a $25 gift card from Grace’s soiree.

Setting aside the clunky shopping experience, the products are REAL. I love the warm feel of the cleanser, which is the perfect salve for eliminating grime and debris after spending four hours in transit (did you hear about traces of BUBONIC PLAGUE on NYC’s subways?) And for someone who experiences random (and subtly attractive) dry patches, the beautifying oil made my skin glow without adding a layer of grease. I swear by this line and love that a little goes a long way. I know the products are a million dollars so I always try to get in on sales, score samples, and use as little of the product as possible.

Remember when I suffered from the horrible gluten-induced hive plague this summer? When I was prescribed steroids to reduce the intense inflammation which covered 85% of my body? You don’t? I sure as hell do. As a result, I’ve noticed drier than normal patches on my arms, elbows and calves, and if it weren’t for SkinFix, I’d hurl myself out of an open window. While the product doesn’t smell that hot, the results are glorious.

When I’m not working three projects and enduring an Odyssean commute, I’m mostly at home having people over for chow or living in unadulterated solitude with my cat (Exhibit A, below), burning candles. Right now I’m really loving this Apothia candle. Unlike Diptyque candles that tend to make me gag from the intense aroma, the Apothia line offers subtle scents that won’t knock you down cold when you enter a room. I also sniffed out (and subsequently purchased) this Mrs. Meyer’s Basil Candle after a recent visit to a friend’s home.



Remember the boots I prattled on about the other day? Well, my BOGS have arrived and they’re fucking LIFE-CHANGING. I could be sweating in a tundra these boots are that remarkable. True to size, not only do they accommodate muscular calves, but they are waterproof, hold up well on ice, and make my feet feel so toasty I nearly cried walking to a meeting today. They may not be FASHUNable, but who cares? Change your shoes when you get indoors. Also, they don’t cost a million dollars.

Finally, I’m going to say this out loud: the Mophie is amateur hour when it comes to portable charging. Not only have two Mophies ruined THREE of my iPhone chargers, but I’m busier charging the Mophie rather than my actual phone. When I mentioned this to my mentor over dinner this week, he led me to the Poweradd. The Poweradd gives me FOUR charges for my iPhone 5, which is essentially a paperweight with the amount of time it takes for the battery to die. I cannot wait to take this on my trip to Nicaragua at the end of the month, but so far I’m pleased.

8 thoughts on “the time I actually bought something + told you about it.

  1. Love your suggestion on this skin care line. I also love your blog! You’re an inspiration. I’m working on a writing consulting business and find your work serious motivation. Thank you!


    1. Wow! That’s awesome! Thanks for the kind words — it really does mean a lot to me that people take time out of their day to read what I write here. So thank YOU. Warmest, f.

      On Fri, Feb 6, 2015 at 7:55 PM, wrote:



  2. I always salivate over your recommendations because they are REAL. Gosh I love that. I’ve not tried anything Tata because of that price tag but I need to bite the bullet. It’s good to hear that someone else at least acknowledges the price of things. I don’t mind shelling out for something (and that usually involves skincare) but it better damn work!


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