when you’re not eating rationed food at my hotel, food in phuket is GLORIOUS

As I’ve mentioned previously, the chefs in my hotel are intent on reminding me of the eight pounds I need to lose. For lunch, I was greeted with two ounces of grilled chicken and six French fries in a thimble (you better believe I counted them). While I waited for the rest of my food to arrive–I might as well have been waiting for Godot–my friends and I grew flabbergasted over the fact that every meal, while delicious, is meant for residents of the Barbie Dream House.

Have I mentioned that I require copious amounts of protein and a rainbow of vegetables at every meal?

When you’re not eating at my hotel, food in Phuket is GLORIOUS. Since we’re close to sea fish is plentiful and my friends feasted on crab, shrimp and lobster while I inhaled grilled chicken, sticky rice and mango, noodles that texture of silk and my weight in watermelon. Fruit smoothies are the staple in Thailand, and in Phuket Town you’ll find no shortage of shops and carts that will serve up a blender mixture of fresh fruit, ice and simple syrup alongside grilled meats and fish. Here you’ll find fresh fruit and vegetables free of GMOs and egg yolks that are so rich and yellow they’re practically phosphorescent. And when you’re not feasting on rounds of fluffed rice and juicy crab, you’re clearly buying BAGS OF DRIED COCONUT, JACKFRUIT AND MANGO, because you are. And if you’ve never heard of jackfruit, please revisit my slew of S.E. Asia posts in 2012 which attest to its greatness.

Thailand is a gluten- and dairy-free paradise. Menus are filled with noodles made of rice flour, rice, vegetables and fresh fish and lean protein. The only danger is the soy sauce, however, soy isn’t a mainstay in most Thai dishes. With the exception of my hotel breakfast, which offers toast, muffins, croissants and all the things a woman can’t consume, Phuket is rife with insanely affordable, delicious eats.

I’m going to try to hit the markets and a few more restaurants before I leave so I can share my must-chow list.



9 thoughts on “when you’re not eating rationed food at my hotel, food in phuket is GLORIOUS

  1. I love the fresh fruit in Phuket… I could almost live on the pineapple and limes alone. If you haven’t already, make sure you try a big bowl of soup from one of the back street vendors. The flavour is divine and its fabulously nourishing to boot! I can’t believe you’re having such a terrible experience at your hotel but am glad that you’re not letting it bring your experience down. Thailand is such a magical place to visit.

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