of the week: a woman refuels

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This week really wiped me out. So much so that I left a workout class early last night because all I wanted to do was crawl home, shower, and hide under the covers–resting in complete and utter silence. It occurs to me that I can never work full-time because the idea of being in an office five days a week until the end of days is, quite frankly, the end of days. Not that I don’t love being around inspiring, smart people — it’s just that I need a break from them, OFTEN, and the weekend is simply not enough. Thursdays are my quiet time, when I clean my apartment {believe it or not, cleaning gives me great joy}, catch up on my favorite podcasts and blogs, and indulge in really simple beauty regimens.

I don’t shop all that often because I fervently believe that clutter and excess induce anxiety, and I never want to feel defined by the things that I own. What I buy either tends to be functional {a need}, food for the brain {books, art, trips}, or minor indulgences that allow me to rejuvenate and refuel, blissfully {candles, a single cozy linen shirt}. Since I haven’t purchased an article of clothing in about a year–safe my workout gear and a few pairs of pants for office wear–I realized I had to add some foundations to my wardrobe. Hence, my mini massacre at Madewell.

And by massacre, I mean I bought five things. I have this linen sweater in two colors. It’s lightweight, with clean linens and drapes beautifully over pants and skirts. Plus, it’s NOT see-through, which appears to be ubiquitous this season. I also stocked up in this tee in two colors, since it layers perfectly under jackets and cardigans and feels seasonless for me–and it serves as a wonderful complement to this enamel link bracelet, which I wear on the regular. Finally, I normally run around the city in my workout clothes, and these comfy linen pants are SO SOFT and SO BLUE.

I have to thank Grace Atwood for being a Tata Harper pusher. Yes, their products are A MILLION DOLLARS. I got insane sticker shock at the register, and GULPED, however, I really, really, really love their products. I started out with the moisturizer and secretly swore that I’d impale Grace if it didn’t work. Luckily, I feel in love with the moisturizer after a few weeks of use and have since invested in the Regenerating Cleanser, the gift that keeps on giving. I love the fact that Harper’s products are made mindfully, formulated and packaged in the U.S., and make my skin glow. At this point, I’m hesitant to use anything else.

So essentially, I have to keep working to pay off my Tata Harper habit. SIGH.

Finally, as I’m refueling from the past three days, which were filled with meetings, plans, outlines, etc, etc, etc, I’m burning this Scents of Land Jasmine Candle while listening to this podcast, RIGHT NOW.

And by the way, I’m going to SPAIN this fall. Very excited.

9 thoughts on “ of the week: a woman refuels

  1. I’m swooning over those linen pants. Seriously swooning. I tried on a couple pairs of the printed palazzo pants and, well, let’s just it didn’t look so great. But these, these I think I could do!
    Your (& Grace’s) testaments to the amazing powers of Tata Harper are totally convincing, even with the astronomical prices.
    Great finds Felicia!


  2. I’ve felt wiped out the last few weeks, too. We’ve had terrible June gloom here and it’s just making me so tired and like doing nothing except hiding under my covers. I’m glad you treated yourself to some treats. You deserve it girl! Hope we both feel re-energized soon.


    1. And health benefits. I miss the privilege of having health coverage. I need to sort out my finances in order to get myself back on track. xo

      On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 10:00 AM, wrote:



  3. Always love your round-ups. And I am in the same boat. So tired and overwhelmed this week. But SO GLAD THAT YOU LOVE TATA AS MUCH AS I DO! That cleanser is a favorite.


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