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When someone claims an author is the next James Agee or Joan Didion, I listen. So far, Leslie Jamison’s The Empathy Exams, is elegant, taut and masterful | My friend Alex {and his wife, who is one of my best friends}, keep raving about M.R. Carey’s The Girl With All the Gifts, a disturbing YA thriller, so consider my interest piqued. And for those snobs who eschew adults who enjoy YA lit, I say, check yourself before you wreck yourself. We all need a literary balanced diet. | I took workshop with fellow Columbia alum Katie Crouch, and loved her gorgeous stories. I’m excited to dive into her new novel, Abroad | I wince whenever I hear a memoir compared to The Glass Castle, as I wasn’t a fan of the book or the writing, however, many writers whom I respect have been Facebook messaging me to check out Brando Skyhorse’s Take This Man. You better believe I can relate to a story about a mother who is a truth-concealer | And finally, I’ve been battling the comma since in utero, so I thought I’d get humble and order Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing.

5 thoughts on “on my bookshelf

  1. HI Felicia! Great timing on this post! I subscribe to Grammar Girl’s tips and thanks to you I’ve now ordered the book! I like how it’s a quick reference book to supplement my Canadian Press Style Book.
    As for the Glass Castle, I liked it… a lot and recently participated in a 4 part memoir writing workshop based on her book. I did find it helpful so I guess that’s something good right:)? I’m curious as to why you didn’t like the book but at the same time taste in books can be personal right?


    1. Absolutely! I think taste is so subjective, and her book did so well because so many people enjoyed it. For me, while I found the story compelling, stylistically I felt her writing was not as exciting as other memoirs I’ve read in this genre. However, all that matters is that you were inspired. We all have our artists who inspire us 🙂


  2. thanks for the recommendations. I love YA books. as you said, it can’t be brainy all the time. have you heard of Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke and Bone? YA fantasy and way more romantic than what I can usually handle, but oh so good, and the third and last one (everything needs to be a trilogy these days, doesn’t it?) just came out.


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