ice cream + friendship


Today I bought an ice-cream maker, this one to be exact. In my ongoing quest to make my house a place I’d always want to return to, I’ve been slowly accumulating the things that bring me joy and allow me to share my space with those who I love. Over the past few weeks, a steady stream of friends have made their way to my new space {well, newish}–their arms filled with mason jars, cookbooks, and sweets–and I’ve made them roast chicken dinners, crisps topped with Ample Hills salted crack caramel ice cream {I MEAN!}, and pressed bags of rich, sugary cookies and crumble muffins into their empty hands.

Nothing gives me greater joy than cooking a meal for my friends. If you’re in the neighborhood, know that I’ve a banana loaf in the oven or a pie cooling on a rack. Know that my cat will likely bury his face in your shoe or roll around at your feet {he’s got a weird foot thing, don’t ask me}. My fondest memories have been those spent in the company of those who’ve burrowed their way into my heart, and in that space between me opening my door and closing it, there’s a meal. A group of friends eating off one another plate’s or two girlfriends digging their spoons into one another’s cups of ice cream. There’s always, This is soooooo good you have to try it! There’s always, The line might be insane but it’s worth it. There’s always, Felicia, I really love your home. I guess it’s not enough that my house is a home for me, it also has to be a home for others. It has to be the place where my friends leave drowsy, invigorated, sated, inspired, exhilarated, and full.

I’ve had an exhausting week, and today my sweet friend Persia text’d me that she was in my neighborhood for a baby shower and would I be around for a coffee? I’d plan to spend the weekend locked up in my home, baking and writing, but I couldn’t resist a friend who has this incredible ability to make me laugh. So I countered her coffee with an invitation to grab some ice cream, and two hours later we were two women sitting in a park, talking about how our vanilla bean and salted crack caramel cups were just so damn good.

So I bought an ice cream maker and an incredible cookbook, against any sort of rational thinking, because wouldn’t it be more pragmatic to get something else? A multi-tasking machine of some sort? Well, no. This summer, I plan to churn sorbets, gelatos and coconut cones. Coconut milk, caramel cookie, pistachio and hazelnuts, I’m going to make all the dairy for my friends, and all the coconut milk-based ice cream for me. Because who in their right mind would refuse a cone?


7 thoughts on “ice cream + friendship

  1. Coconut milk icecream is so delicious! I bet it’s even better home-made. Can’t wait to see what you create!


      1. Haven’t posted it anywhere online to be linked to! But….

        400 ml coconut milk
        400 ml water
        200 g sugar
        6 large basil leaves
        Lemon juice to taste

        Bring first three to a boil, add basil, steep 5-7 mins, cool completely before adding lemon juice, and spin in ice cream machine!

        Would love to know how you make out! If you happen to have glucose syrup you can add that with the coconut milk when warming, it will help keep your sorbet more ‘scoopable’ while keeping in the freezer!


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