sometimes you just need a symphony of sweet

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After a tough morning, I decided to return to my beloveds: flour, sugar and butter. I scrolled through a few years of baked goods to rediscover the sweets that made me smile when I unearth them from the oven. Here are a few of my favorites.

From L-R: Sir Francis Crumb Cakes {how stalwart + regal!} | Blueberry Muffins {the moment when I didn’t screw them up.} | Chocolate Ganache Birthday Cake {probably the best cake I’ve ever baked} | Chocolate Babka {this was a three-day Odyssey} | Kouign-Amann {the notion that I’d baked something resembling a croissant was a personal triumph} | Orange Olive Oil Bundt Cake {this cake made me a bundt believer} | Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting {my favorite cake in miniature!} | Chocolate Chunk Cookies {best ever} | Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread {you’ll wake at 3AM craving this}

2 thoughts on “sometimes you just need a symphony of sweet

  1. Ooof. This all looks amazing. I’m craving sugar…funny, since I’m slated to visit the dentist in the next 15 minutes!
    I ordered an anniversary cake for us. I’ve gotten one every year so far and plan to continue- a vanilla buttercream frosted, 3-layer chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and espresso filling. My mouth has been salivating for days just thinking about it (and I’ve thought about it a lot). Once that cake has been eaten, I’m going to start exploring your recipes!

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  2. I once read in a cookbook guidelines for when to use the full sugar/fat content in baking. It said something like “in celebration, and in mourning”. I live by this unconsciously. It just makes sense to have a big slice of cake when celebrating something special, and just as much sense to have an even bigger slice when you’re feeling down and need a taste of happiness. Hope all is well.


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