of the week: feeling luxe edition

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Chalk it up to giddiness over the fact that after two weeks of paper shuffling, I finally have executed agreements for my next consulting project {can we say pay the rent?!}, but in between meetings today, I slipped into ABC Carpet + Home and went a little bananas over the body products. After my sweet friend, Alyssa, surprised me with a gift of Juara Candlenut Cream, I’ve become OBSESSED. I can’t explain the scent other than to say that you smell clean, like freshly laundered cotton with some nuts thrown in for good measure. And my skin? THE SOFTEST. Worth every penny, my friends. While I was in a purple haze-induced buying spree, I also picked up 80 Acres’ Lavender Body Butter. One word: delicious.

Truth be told, I don’t trust many bloggers. I know that may sound harsh, but after spying a slew of forced sponsored posts and questionable integrity over the years, there are a handful of people whose opinion I really trust. Grace Atwood of Stripes + Sequins is on that short-list, because every product I’ve bought based on her reco is the BUSINESS. Her affection for Tata Harper piqued my interest and I invested in the Rebuilding Moisturizer. For the $$$ I threw down, I pray I fall in love with this product and demand that I be buried with it. I’ll be sure to update you, no doubt. Speaking of Grace, she recently corralled a few lovely ladies to join her in a Chaise class. You guys know I’ve been taking their classes since discovering Class Pass, and I was tickled to meet some new folks, score this necklace as a gift from Bauble Bar, and hole up with my friend Amber after, where I proceeded to hoover all of her carrots and bread products. I’ll be honest and say that the necklace reminds me a bit of a J. Crew necklace I purchased a few seasons back, but the quality of this version is spot-on and definitely easier on the wallet.

Finally, after a BIG GOOP’er eating spree this weekend, I’m determined to introduce more mindful recipes into my repertoire. After thumbing through Kimberley Hasselbrink’s vibrantly-hued and seasonal cookbook, Vibrant Food, I plan to cook through this book like it’s the end of days. Expect to see some virtuous dishes on this space in the coming weeks.

6 thoughts on “ of the week: feeling luxe edition

  1. I have no idea what candlenut is but I’m intrigued! Also, I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Tata Harper line- it’s so pricey I haven’t splurged yet, but if I hear enough good things, then it’s bound to happen.


    1. This is my first day using it, and I know this will sound weird but I keep smelling my face (as if this is possible). So far I dig it because I don’t feel any greasy residue on my forehand (I have combo skin), but I want to wait a few weeks before I give a verdict. 🙂

      The Candlenut Cream, on the other hand, is the BUSINESS.

      On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 9:55 AM, wrote:



  2. aw, this post made my day (and i needed it // been having a bit of a rough week over here!) I am honored + delighted to be on your “short list.” I hope you love the Tata products as much as I do; her stuff really is just the best. You should try her resurfacing mask next; it is definitely one of my favorite products of all time. I got my mom the travel set for Mother’s Day and she loved it so much. I personally think her stuff is worth the investment, because yes – it is pricey… but I haven’t found a “green” line that performs nearly as well as hers. Keep us posted! And I love lavender so much – so I may just scoop up that body butter.


    1. Grace,

      I’m so sorry to hear that! Let me know if you need a forward of a cat image or video.

      So far I’m really pleased with Tata Harper. If this ends up working out, I’ll definitely take your suggestion on the mask.

      Warmly, f.


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