the dress I’ll be wearing all. summer. long.


Truth be told, I’m not very fashionable. The idea of shopping {the crowds, the quality, the ever-changing sizes} gives me vertigo, and I very much prefer to live in a uniform. Over the past year, I’ve pared down my wardrobe considerably, and I’ve about 10 items I wear on rotation, pretty regularly, and nothing, nothing, has made me happier. Not only do I not have to deal with the waste of money and fabric, but I wear items I truly love and pieces which have considerable versatility and quality. And it’s not a shock, as exhibited by the color palette here, that I tend to wear neutrals and blue. In fact, nearly all of my wardrobe is blue — this outfit may very well be the exception.

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE THIS DRESS. I adore the soft fabric, the swing of the dress, and the fact that I can eat a huge bowl of pasta and no one would notice. I plan to wear this dress at least once a week, and it’s perfect paired with heels and a jacket for work, or for errands around the city in my Supergas. Believe me when I say that I want to SLEEP in this dress, it’s that comfortable.

Outfit Details: Dress: Puella @ Anthropologie | Jacket: Paul Smith {old} | Necklaces: J. Crew {old} | Glitter Flats: J. Crew {old, but I’d recommend Grace Atwood’s lovely collaboration with Matt Bernson} | Leather Tote: Robert Leather Factory, Firenze {$100}


12 thoughts on “the dress I’ll be wearing all. summer. long.

  1. An outfit post! I love it. You look beautiful, and you know I can never say no to a good, loose striped dress. This one is perfection.


  2. Gorgeous! You look awesome! I am in love with this dress and may need to be purchasing it for the upcoming summer months, as well!


  3. You look fabulous!

    I used to always shy away from horizontal strips because I’m short with big breasts. I thought they made me look like a freaking Weeble. This made me sad as I am a big lover of stripes.

    Finally, I realized it depends on the width of the strip. This dress is perfect.


    1. It’s funny, Arlene, as I’ve been avoiding stripes for the same exact reason. I too am petite with boobs, and I’ve always shied away from stripes because I thought they exaggerated my frame. So you can understand the TEARS OF JOY I shed when I found this dress. xo


  4. I hear you. I hate shopping. and I’ve limited my wardrobe considerable over the years too. and aside from the time and money that saves me, it has also changed the way I see myself. I’m more than the clothes I wear. and everyone who wants to judge me exclusively on my look can go…. you know what 🙂


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