thinking about a life of intention + an invitation for feedback on this space


When I read this quote on my friend Summer’s space, I was seized. My heart suddenly stopped, and I was met with a flood of ideas. One of them is so strange so not Felicia, and I keep talking myself out of it, so much so that it makes me think that this is an idea worth considering. For the past two years, I’ve served as a mentor to dozens of people, and the fact that people seek me out and really listen to me, is humbling. I actually like the fact that I play a small part in someone’s bloom and can help them find ways to find their passion simply. Part of me wonders if this is something I can do as a side project, professionally. Give one day sessions on how to find + start on a path of intention, using social media as one of your most valuable tools. I don’t know what form it would take, and I’m not blind to the fact that there are a million sites, books, and professionals who are actually trained as life coaches and the like, but…but…I still think about it. I don’t have the answers yet, but at least I’m thinking.

Speaking of listening…

On Monday, you might have noticed that I was tinkering with the design of this space because I felt bored. I temporarily changed the design to an all-visual format, and queried my friends on Facebook to gauge their thoughts. While some adored the clean layout, some of my friends gave me very constructive feedback, which made me revert back to the layout you see now. Some folks actually like the way I marry image + type. Some folks appreciate the austerity of this space. Who knew?

While I write a lot of what excites me, sometimes I feel as if I’m moving in the dark. Am I intimidating? I want to do so many things on this space {ideas of interviewing women who run small businesses, foodie and fitness profiles, and a lot more travel pieces}, but I wonder what’s clicking for you. If I judge it by my “likes per post” {terrible gauge, I know}, you guys love the food + recipes. But is there something I’m doing right or something I could be doing better? I really appreciate and respect your feedback, and since I have no plans to EVER monetize this space, the fact that this space is a virtual dialogue between me + you means that I value your voice in the conversation.

So tell me — what is it that you love about coming here? What do you wish you could see more of? If you’re shy about leaving a comment, feel free to leave it anonymously.

Image Courtesy of Summer Pierre. If you don’t visit her blog and buy her art, you’re bananas.

10 thoughts on “thinking about a life of intention + an invitation for feedback on this space

  1. I was just thinking about blogs and blogging and spaces on the internet. I do this a lot as my work crosses over into that realm and sometimes I love it and am excited and other times I am bored and feel the entire “system,” yes, the system is whack. Seriously whack and misused and made up and overinflated and then I start to feel that my creations and such online are and then there’s the clients….BUT then I come back to a little bit of reality and to the spaces that I enjoy-yours being one of them. In this day, where I have difficulty finding time to read, write, create and work, time is beyond a precious commodity so where I go where I find value for me, my should or something in between and your place is one of them:)


  2. See? So all over and huge typo situation in my last line or two–sigh but you get the jest of it. With little time and many audiences “competing” for attention, I go where I find value for myself, where my soul can fee a little bit and sometimes something in the middle and your place is one of them:)


  3. Personally, I love that this feels like a place of exploration. Not everything you write about is interesting to me (such as the fitness and restaurant reviews), but I still think you should post about whatever you’re interested in–for me, that’s part of the appeal of your site. So I don’t have any suggestions for changes, just encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing even if it’s in the dark. I really enjoy following you on your journey, regardless of where you end up!


  4. I like the simplicity of your site when I visit and that it doesn’t distract from the story your telling. And like some other folks, I like how you marry image and type. The stories you tell, before you share the recipe or before you share the images, that’s what I come for. The sense of our small selves in this world and our ability to live true and big is constantly inspiring.


  5. I love your blog and enjoy pretty much everything. sometimes I find the transitions from what you write to a recipe a little forced though, even though I do like the recipes themselves too. I’d personally keep personal and food more separated, unless it’s a personal story that actually relates to a recipe. otherwise I love it here. I missed your layout tinkering unfortunately. would have liked to see that xoxo


  6. I also enjoy following your journey through this blog, even if I don’t always have time to read everything (so things involving food is more likely to be read, because I really like your food photography). But your other stories make your blog stand out from the rest, so keep talking and blogging as Felicia wants to. Lastly,sometimes “like” feels too trite for one of your stories, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t read it and get something more out of it. All the best, I’m not brave enough to post personal stories online but love that you are.


  7. I like your style of writing. It’s beautifully complex. I’m a big reader and I’ve found that the construction of a complex sentence is waning. You do it really well and I always want to read more. I also like the simplicity of the layout because it allows your photos to shine.


  8. I have just started reading your blog recently, and I’m obviously behind on reading a few posts. I just wanted to say that your blog has touched me and brought me back to the truth – the connectedness + connectivity of the world. Especially with your trip to Ireland. I hope that you find your answers, but know that I am loving every thing that you do. Thank you for sharing your life.


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