dublin day four: disco scone + chow tour

Today was a day worth photographing. Amidst pouring rain, I spent the day walking around Dublin with a map. Yes, a map. Remember those relics from a halcyon age? I pressed my iPhone into my pop’s hand and told him to savor his time with his brothers while I plan to eat every pastry in sight. Armed with a map and euros, I made my way about the city, walking along the Liffey and across the Quay. From Christ’s Church Cathedral to the Dublin Castle and Trinity College, I roamed with abandon and it was glorious. You can’t possibly understand how good it feels to be alone. I was telling my pop this over dinner tonight, and we’re thrilled that our holiday, albeit bumpy at times, ended on a high note. My final day in Dublin was spent precisely how I like it, alone, itinerant.

When my buddy Mike, coffee connoisseur, tells me about a coffee spot, I listen. From Australia to Paris to Rome, he’s never steered me off course, and naturally he nails it with 3FE {mad props to Sorcha who chimed in with a fist pump for 3FE, as well}. Not only did I make the Odyssean trek to 3FE, but I had a delightful soya milk cappuccino using the brand’s beans at the very lovely, Kaph Specialty Coffees. Kaph is a terrific spot located next to George’s St. Arcade, and the shop is filled with delectable pastries {with a nice selection of gluten-free breads and brownies} and stocked with 3FE beans, of which they ground for my filter coffee.


The amazing Jessica sent me an incredible list of places to chow down whilst in Dublin, and I managed to tick off a few spots on my list during my brief stay. Suffice it to say, my favorite spot was the incomparable Fallon + Byrne. In a way, this food hall is an Eataly in miniature, with its impeccably curated gourmet and fresh foods selection {you don’t even want to know how many French and Irish biscuits I’m bringing home}, artisanal soups and sandwiches, as well as a restaurant that serves up in-season dishes. Not only did I leave with a sizable haul of foodstuffs I can’t get in the U.S., I also savored a lunch in their top floor dining area. Tell me that fried gnocchi sauteed in a pesto sauce paired with a roasted chicken breast didn’t melt your heart. If you’re still cruel and cold after seeing these snaps, you can’t be saved, I’m afraid.


I discovered Hansel + Gretel by accident. It’s been a while since I haven’t relied on Google Maps, so while I was futzing with my map I stumbled upon this lovely shop. Fresh scones, home-baked breads and scores of domed pies, croissants and pastries dot small tables, counters and curio cabinets in this sweet space. Believe me when I say that I nearly wanted to move a cot into the space and hook myself up to a almond croissant IV drip. Over dinner, my pop and I agreed that we were ruined people. Never will we have a better chicken. Never will we enjoy a buttered scone. We sighed, shook our heads in deep lamentation. IT WILL NEVER BE LIKE IRELAND, we bemoaned!


While Peacock + Green is situated between two tourist spots {Christ’s Church Cathedral + Dublin Castle}, which would immediately cement its gastronomic fate, believe me when I say that these scones are THE BUSINESS. Baked fresh daily, you’ll find a glorious, flavorful assortment. I had two of their scones {blueberry and raisin} today, and as Edith Piaf so sagely crooned, I have no regrets.

Clearly, I will have to bake scones as soon as I set foot in my apartment. CLEARLY.

Other Recommended Spots in Dublin: Jessica sent me a great list + I couldn’t make them all, but you should! L. Mulligans, The Greenhouse, Etto, Oxmantown, Hatch + Sons, Metro Cafe, and Sheridans {cheese shop}.


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