dublin delayed + a lesson quietly learned

I’m writing this from the Radisson Hotel near JFK airport. After four exhaustive hours at the airport, we learned that our flight was cancelled due to mechanical issues with our plane. My father was livid {as this is his first vacation in five years} and soon grew morose because he had to stand for two hours in line for ticket re-booking when he’s not able to walk very well. My pop is a proud man who wouldn’t take my hand when I offered it, said he’d rather crawl to baggage claim than use a wheelchair. It was a tough night, and, in retrospect, I’m surprised by how calm I was. Never once did I raise my voice or express frustration, even when my dad was furious, even when he didn’t understand what an “Uber” was, or the fact that he had one less day to spend in his country. I kept telling my dad that we’ve no control over the situation, and getting angry would only make us more exhausted. I said, let’s make this an adventure, and after a considerable amount of grumbling, he did.

I’ve spent many a day in an airport hotel with its bad food and abysmal view, but this was all very exciting for my pop. Room service! A full bath! A comfy bed! This morning, we ordered four plates of food and guzzled two carafes of coffee. Right now, he’s settling into his bubble bath and I’m secretly congratulating myself for being calm, for being compassionate, for being human.

Please excuse any typos or incoherent ramblings in this post — I’m operating on four hours of sleep since my body refuses to sleep past seven in the morning.

One thought on “dublin delayed + a lesson quietly learned

  1. Hope you get there in the end and Dublin treats you well. I recommend a day-trip to Howth on the DART… walk the pier or the Head, eat fish n’ chips 🙂


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