love. life. eat. of the week: home edition

Believe me when I say that I’ve been building my home for nearly two years. Since I spend a great deal of time in my apartment, my home being my refuge, I want to make it as comfortable, cozy and calm as possible. I invested in a few pieces {sofa, as I’d been living with a loveseat purchased off Craigslist for six years, bed and coffee table}, and the rest I acquired at wholesale shops and online furniture marketplaces. Yesterday, my friend Mary joked that furniture shopping is a racket, and I agreed. If there’s one thing I loathe, it’s shopping. I hate shopping. It’s stressful because invariably there’s always a better deal you haven’t found, and you never know about the quality of a piece until you unpack it on your living room floor. To this end, I make it a point to buy pieces that will last me a great deal of time, simply for the fact that I can save myself hours of scrolling through Home Depot,, Wayfair and other sites, deliberating over a $90 writing desk as if it was a car. Yes, I’m that obsessive.

Today, I’ll give you some insight into the four new things I bought for the new abode {I believe in the power of Amazon Prime and free shipping for household supplies like brooms, wastepaper baskets and vacuum cleaners}, as well as a peek back at the pieces I’ve acquired over the past two years.

I first purchased these bookcases a couple of years ago, and they’ve held up beautifully. For $53, this is the best deal you’ll get | Never did I think that I would be infatuated with a vacuum cleaner, however, after having a pet and having to clean up cat hair, EVERYWHERE, this bag-free version is a godsend | I haven’t yet used my loft space, other than as a means to store books, odds and ends, but I’m prepping my writing space by purchasing this sturdy and affordable chrome lamp and this desk from Joss + Main {similar desk here}.

A few years ago I asked the very talented and kind Christine White to help me outfit my apartment with the proper bones {sofa, coffee table, decorative accents}, and after having received such lovely comments on my home I thought I’d revisit her choice picks. Let it be known that I don’t like clutter or knick-knacks. I’ve very few adornments as I tend to add items to my home based on my travels. My apartment is quite sparse and I prefer it that way.


1. Loring Sofa in Blue. Although the sofa is no longer available, I do adore Room + Board’s selection | 2. Elaine Accent Chair + Siene Ottoman {no longer available} | 3. Two Drawer Coffee Table. Although the table is no longer available, you can find some great options here | 4. Lift Top Storage Bench | 5. High-Neck Vase, Blue Throw Pillows {although these pillows are no longer available, I quite like this, this, this, and this}, Roman Vase, Recycled Glass Jugs {on sale!}


Second collage credit: Christine White.

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