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To say that this week was nothing short of a full-blown tornado would be an understatement. I’m currently settling into my new home, sorting through books and hatching plans to make a virtuous homemade ramen dish this afternoon. I can’t wait to show you snaps of my new home, in progress {coming, promise!}, but in the interim here are a few lovely items that caught my eye this week.

Because I refuse to be beholden to publicists pushing products, I always rely on recommendations from friends whose opinion I trust. While having dinner with the lovely Clara, I kept fawning over her baby alpaca infinity scarf, and believe me when I say that this feels like a blanket around your neck | Since my home is now drenched in wonderful natural light, I decided to take my food photo game to the next level by purchasing this marble slab, which came highly recommended from Emily | When Grace mentioned that this body butter has the texture of marshmallow fluff, I couldn’t resist! After taking a hot shower in my new apartment last night, this butter felt like second skin. So worth the purchase, and I love buying from small businesses |

All the barre classes I’ve taken as of late have started using a variation of these torture devices for thigh + seat work. If you crave burn in your home, wrap one of these around your thighs (just above the knee) and start doing the clamshell. You’ll cry in minutes | Finally, this simple app is saving me in the kitchen as I sometimes bake multiple items at varying cooking times. Download!

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