journey to buff: patricia fit + east yoga

The rumors are indeed true: I’m getting a little bananas. In addition to sending mass emails to my friends, inviting them to join me on my journey to buff (Let’s punch people when we’re 90! was a key selling point), I’ve also been evangelizing the genius that is Classtivity as if I was an Amway representative. In the past week, I’ve tried boxing, TRX, barre classes, and yoga in studios I hadn’t heard of, but can’t wait to revisit. And oddly enough, studio hopping is helping me break out of my shyness shell when I’m around “new” people.

In short, I’m on a strength journey and a woman is DETERMINED.

Last week, I sampled classes at Patricia Fit + East Yoga, and both were impressive not only in terms of the energy of the respective spaces, but with the precision of instruction. At first blush, I was a little skeptical about Patricia Fit. The studio is a moving target within a building, and I ended up walking into a sparse room where a woman had just been practicing scales for a play based on an aardvark. However, as soon as Patricia rushed in, mats and weights and towels in tow, I beamed. Her energy is infectious, and I found myself NOT SHUTTING UP for the whole fifteen minutes before class started rather than practicing the usual: huddling in a corner with a book, silent. The workout itself is a mix of barre, yoga, and pilates, and in no time I was quaking alongside the regulars, who were just as affable as the instructor. Patricia delivered personalized instruction and adjustments to each class member, and her music and enthusiasm really kept me going when I couldn’t bear to lift my leg another inch.

What’s that line about not judging a studio space by its cover? Consider me schooled.

On Saturday, I spent the day with one of my closest friends, who’s also my partner in crime for all things fitness. If she survived Chaise Fitness, I ratiioned she could tackle 1.5 hours of yoga, right? It’s been a while since we’ve been in a 90-minute yoga class, but we were so thrilled to sample East Yoga, a sleepy space on Avenue B. Although the space is small, it’s clean, serene and on a Saturday morning we felt as if I had a great deal of mat room. Unlike a lot of the yoga studios in New York that tend to take themselves entirely too seriously, we loved the mix of precise alignment and fun. We moved to music and made fun of ourselves when we couldn’t get into complicated shapes. The 90 minutes breezed by, and my friend Kate and I left satisfied and excited to return.

So if you’re keen on simple, efficacious workouts without the fanfare and confetti of expensive, designed locations, I encourage you to check out Patricia Fit + East Yoga, two places to which I’ll definitely be returning.

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