love. life. eat. of the week


There was a time when I believed that throwing all of my time, energy, and hours into a problem would inevitably fix it. When working 14 hours a day, positioned in front of a laptop, was a constant state. After reading this piece, I realized the pressure to keep working at full-tilt is less about happiness than our perception of it.

Speaking of happiness, remember when we were kids and adults asked us what we wanted to be when we grow up? We’d rattle off a list of things: writer, lawyer, doctor, however, never did we realize that our jobs are what we do, not who we are. How is that this brilliant teen has all the answers? Because, right now, all I want to be is happy.

These evocative photos of children + a dog on a most ethereal farm make me want to pack up + go rural. And when I run away, I want to throw all my clothes in one of these bags.

On the subject of travel, I’ve already booked two trips this year, one with my pop to Dublin in March, and one to India come May. This year is all about adventure, taking risks, paying the rent and being happy, and if I hadn’t booked India, I’d be rafting in Patagonia. And when I do leave, clearly I will need to follow Hitha’s sage advice on packing your personal item, because my handbag tends to resemble The Twilight Zone, a seemingly endless vortex of pens, wrappers, books, and Kind bars.

My dear friend, Summer, is such an exceptional illustrator, that whenever I visit her I ended up buying everything she’s created. I’ve a few prints from Summer in my home, including this one, a simple display of formidable cookbooks.

Today I plan to spend the day baking pastries with a friend. When it comes to photographing food, there are so many online tutorials you’re bound to get bleary-eyed. However, this one focuses less on the mechanics of your camera, and more on the scene and mood you create. I’ll be studying this before my friend arrives with cocoa and chocolate.

Finally, looking for new blog reads? I update my links fairly frequently, and I’ve got some great finds in the rotation. My new delights include Grace of Stripes + Sequins and Megan of The Fresh Exchange. While you’ll marvel over Megan’s clean, crisp photographs, you will fall in love with Grace’s ebullient energy, her admirable earnestness, and her affection for beauty in all its forms (from glitter to photography to finding the beauty in falling in love with your body)

Image credit: Piperlime.

4 thoughts on “love. life. eat. of the week

  1. Gosh when I was small I wanted to be the vet of a zoo, a ballerina,.. now I’m not the vet of a zoo, not a ballerina. But hey I am plenty of other things and the ultimate goal is being happy! Congrats on your plans for this year, it sounds fulfilling. xx


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