designing your life: bad-ass entrepreneur, persia tatar von huddleston’s sucre bleu

Imagine living a life of your own design. You bolt out of bed each day because every day is now an awakening. Every day is finally yours. Some time ago someone told me that you can either work for your dream or someone else’s. This year, my friend Persia and I decided to pursue our dream. Over the past year I’ve been privileged to see her idea — a line of high-end luxury religious chocolate {Jesus sprinkled with sea salt, can you even?!} — bloom, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to see her dream realized. I asked Persia, my dear friend and badass entrepreneur, to talk about what lead her to make this auspicious leap. Below, she shares a bit about her journey.– FS

A few years ago I left a job that was just ok, for what I hoped was a job that would make me happier, have less anxiety and actually look forward to Mondays. That never happened.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve liked every job I’ve had to-date, I met awesome people who are now friends and mentors, created some cool things and learned a ton, but the joy and happiness just was never there. Maybe that’s alot to ask from something that affords you a living, but I don’t think it’s a lot to ask from something that takes up such a large percentage of our lives and our thoughts.

This winter, over coffee, Felicia told me that I need to do what makes me happy with such assertion and certainty that I had to listen. I finally realized I needed to stop trying to find a job that was my perfect dream and create my own. My new assignment was to connect things I love with something that I could love as a business. I came down to a few things: food and art. As I went through my daily motions I would meditate on how I could fuse these together in many ways…until one day it hit me.

caf71dde231b11e3bf4822000a1ddbe2_7A flicker of a dream I had as a kid came to me – to create a chocolate Jesus (yes I’m serious), this is something I had always wanted to do growing up. I realized this childhood idea is the fusion of food and art for me, in the form of delicious sculptures.

This summer I took my savings and created the first prototype Jesus working with the amazing people at Tumbador and am now launching on Kickstarter! From idea to reality in under a year! The process to get here has definitely been challenging, but I can say this is the most fun I’ve had in my life and I now look forward to my Mondays!

About SUCRÉ BLEU: We’re artists and pop culture enthusiasts who want to make the world sweeter and more deliciously irreverent. Through our company SUCRÉ BLEU we’re creating a line of absurdly delicious chocolate figures of our culture’s most revered icons.

Our aim is to provoke, amuse, entertain, and compel you to blurt out: “WTF? This is crazy, awesome, beautiful, weird AND delicious. Why would anyone make that?!”

Our debut product will be a seven-inch 72%, 5oz dark chocolate Jesus on a cross, sprinkled with sea salt. Each luxuriously rich chocolate will be packaged as a super mod museum sculpture and include a personal handwritten note from Jesus. Our limited-edition run of 500 will be sold on Kickstarter for the holidays — each box will be signed and numbered.

Support my sweet friend’s venture on Kickstarter by clicking here.

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