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I’ve always had such profound respect for journal editors like Anh Minh Le of Anthology Magazine, because hers is a labor of love, from her extraordinary essays to her carefully-conceived layouts. I invite you to check out a sneak peek of their latest issue online. It’s a good one.

One of the primary reasons I write is the need to start a dialogue. I couldn’t be more humbled and thrilled that my Kinfolk piece started a meaninful conversation online. Jane wonders in her thought-provoking post, “…why authenticity has been confused with an aesthetic. And if the perpetrators even think about the language they’re using, the dissonance they’re creating, or if they’re just capitalizing on this economic moment, packaging a product with a deep and visceral need (a spiritual one, even).” I was also taken with Cara’s honest piece on guilt, privilege, and all the criticism that falls in between. Along the same lines, a very good friend and trusted business partner wondered if my anger is due, in part, because I exist outside of this rarified group of people, a impenetrable group I could never be a part of. To a certain extent this is true, but I’m rallying against an overall representation of a simplified life. A whitewashing of food culture that is dangerous and one-note.

As a consultant who has expertise in an industry where everyone with a Facebook account purports to have expertise, I have to continuously remind clients that I value price. If they want cheap and inexperienced, they can walk down the street. Krista’s piece so eloquently addresses how consultants need to price themselves based on their worth and value.

This post reminded me that successful people start ventures before they’re even ready. With that being said, I’ve decided to make the leap and launch a new side project, a magazine devoted to gathering and home, with food being the bond that unites the two and empowers us to tell great stories. I want stories like this and reviews like this. From the modest to the sublime, I want to cultivate real stories from real people who enjoy real food.

Speaking of delicious food, Kimchi Grill is fast becoming my go-to spot for AMAZING short-rib tacos. I mean, aren’t you DYING over these snaps?


6 thoughts on “love. life. eat. of the week

  1. Thank you for sharing these links.
    I consider authenticity a lot (particularly in the healthy eating genre). There are few things in life which are definitive and final, no matter how much we identify with it at any one time. But I do believe the experiences we create for ourselves serve some kind of purpose in the long run. So whilst I’ve never read Kinfolk, I am grateful that it’s one of the things that has spurred you on to decide to create something of your own. Yours is a magazine I will look forward to reading!


    1. Thanks, Emily! It’s been incredible to recognize that I, and others, have the ability to enact change. I think Kinfolk is a joke on so many levels, but instead of snarking on them, I decided to launch a magazine that will show real people in real homes eating real food. No twee, no West Elm, but it’ll be a mix of the simple and affordable and the sublime — something truly real.


  2. Dearest Felicia,

    I’ve commented before on how much I enjoy your blog…seeing your title appear in my inbox is a regular pleasure for me. In keeping up with your discussions spurred by the infamous Kinfolk cookbook, I wondered if you heard from the writers and/or editors of that book yet, as a result? To be fair, you did give both positive and negative recipe reviews, which is normal and of course, subjective to person. But I couldn’t help but wonder if you got any backlash? Keep it coming, I love it!

    Mais 🙂


    1. Mais,

      Thanks for the kind note and for reading, I really, really appreciate it. I’ve heard from hundreds of folks, but alas, no one from Kinfolk. Regrettably, I sort of expected that as they’re in the midst of a book promotion/tour, and I’m sure my one review amidst a sea of IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! praise, didn’t make a dent.

      What’s more important is that I’ve connected with scores of amazing women who want to put out more realistic depictions of life, and that is what truly makes me happy.

      Warmly, Felicia


  3. These photos are amazing. Making my mouth water!

    Keep writing. I so enjoy reading your posts and how authentic they are. This quote just makes my heart sing, ” I want to cultivate real stories from real people who enjoy real food.” This is why I continue to read your blog and look forward to all that is to come!


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