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This week brings the crisp, blue mornings that signal autumn. As such, I’ve turned my attention toward bircher muesli, granola cereals, and all things pumpkin. I’m discovering delicious morning options from Jane Coxwell’s Fresh Happy Tasty and A Sweet Spoonful’s Whole Grain Mornings. And if this pumpkin cookie won’t properly seduce you, there’s no helping you.

I’ve also been keen on elevating my food photography game, and have stumbled onto these extraordinary resources + posts: Pinch of Yum’s e-book (also, check out her time-saving food photography post), Click it Up a Notch’s tips, and why not be inspired by the best foodie in town — this Donna Hay interview is a gem, and I’ve been a long-time fan of the austere, white-blasted images in her mag + cookbooks.

Tipped off by my friend Arlene, I’ve been shamelessly laptop shopping (is this even a term?) Crate + Barrel’s Paola Navone, and the Helena Napkin Collection, as well as cyber-stalking everything in Food52’s Provisions.

Come December, I’m headed for Fiji. I’ve long-since made the decisions to allocate my money toward experiences rather than expensive things, and I’m thrilled to rely on my friend Hitha’s expert travel tips + En Route With series, to keep me focused on traveling smart.

Finally, as I’ve unloaded six bags of clothing and books I don’t want or need, I’m craving a minimalist, airy home like this. When I’m curled up in bed, you know I’m reaching for Stephen King’s latest (on pre-order!)

Have I mentioned how much I love ice cream? A little trip to Sundaes and Scones is always the perfect salve.


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