mango, kale, spinach, + apple smoothie

There is a reason for this demonstrable silence. You can’t know how much I’ve wanted to crawl into this small space of a home and inhabit it with words, and take hundreds of photos of the dishes I’ve been making (or, eh-hem, ordering). But two phone calls turned my week inside out, made me look at my life as if it was the first time I’d seen it.

The first call was from my agent, who is discerning, and brutally honest about the state of publishing, which has been the same state since I was employed by a publisher all those years ago. Everyone assures me that it’s worse. No one’s buying books. No one’s buying fiction. No one’s buying “experimental” literary fiction. If you’re not an alien, hobbit, vampire, or a mean girl, nobody cares, is the constant refrain from everyone, everywhere. So you can understand how I expected the worst, as my agent tends to only take on sure things. Big books. Big, sweeping things. On speaker, he started in about publishing (the usuals, the particulars), but then he said this: there’s something brilliant here.

You should know that my agent doesn’t toss around the word brilliant very often. Over a hundred pages, I somehow created a world where loss, love, sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies, Jonestown, W.S. Merwin, The Shining, Carnival of Souls, adultery, peacefully co-exist. I can’t quite explain what my book is about, as I tend to obsess over characters and watch them play out on the page. Although I will say that I’m exploring loss, the definition of mental illness, hurt, feminism and love.

And my agent said the unexpected: he told me to prepare 100 tight pages for a small submission to publishers come November. He thought the book was that great.

I’m still recovering from our chat. By the way, I’m titling my book Mammoth.

The second call was a siren song from the west. A job opportunity that keeps coming back, and I’ve been moving through the interviews at ease, not excited, non-plussed — I’m just playing out the hand, seeing where it’ll all go. Yet, this morning it occurred to me that I don’t want this opportunity. It’s extraordinary, ambitious, and can give me the financial comfort one would think I needed. But…but…


I don’t want it.

Finally, I’ve made this blog a space I’m proud of. Finally, I’m writing, really writing, not just playing pretend with 300-word blog posts. I’m architecting a family, building a life. Finally, my head’s straight, clear, focused, and I’m off the sauce. Finally, I’ve allowed myself to love a new kitty, Felix. Finally, I’m allowing people in. Finally, I’m taking on the kinds of consulting jobs where people really respect me. Really believe in the work that I can do.

I don’t want to give that up.

So you can see how things have been out of sorts. How it’s been hard to come to this space and make the world simple. But I will say one thing that’s given me joy this week, and it’s the VITAMIX.

Friends, this is not a digression, but another step in making my life a healthier one. Every day I’ve made myself a green smoothie, packing it into a mason jar so I can get my veggies in on my way to the office or to run errands. Appearances are cruel in the way that they can be deceiving, but I honestly feel as if I’m tasting a mango smoothie. AND!! I’m also noticing a marked difference in my complexion. In short, I don’t look like a CORPSE.

All good things. Now only to get editing. Only to get to making a decision.

1 cup chopped mango
1 cup kale leaves (not the curly kind), packed
1 cup spinach leaves, packed
1 apple, cut and cored
1/2 cup coconut water

If you’re mad, like me, and made the fortitous leap to procure a Vitamix blender, simply add all of the ingredients and blitz away for 30 seconds – minute on high. You may need the plunger to ensure that the fruits get evenly diced.

If you’re of the normal stock, you can absolutely enjoy this smoothie by blitzing this in a blender and using a fine mesh strainer. Simply pour out your smoothie into a strainer nestled on top of a bowl and you’ll have a delicious morning elixir.


20 thoughts on “mango, kale, spinach, + apple smoothie

  1. congrats on the book — there is nothing better than an excited agent (they are the usually so pessimistic). you sound so wonderful.

    i want to make that smoothie but i might be the only person to not like coconut water. what else do you recommend i use?


  2. I LOVED the green smoothie recipe! Thanks, even my son enjoyed it before his game tonight. I added frozen coconut milk cubes and a lime and made it in the blender.

    I’m wondering though why do you recommend straining it? Its perfect and straining it removes pulp which is a good source of fiber and helps to stabilize your glucose levels which is especially important when digesting fruit with its high glucose levels.


    1. Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks for the kind note + information. Some blenders (many of the inexpensive variety) don’t have the power to create purely blended smoothies, and some of my readers tend to shy away from the excess grit of veggies that haven’t been blended. It’s a personal choice, really. I don’t mind veg, and I have a Vitamix so my smoothies are smooth, but I wanted to deliver options.

      Hope that clarifies, and thanks for popping by.

      Cheers, Felicia


  3. Do you find that you have to “chew” this juice when made with a Vitamix? I am borrowing my mother-in-law’s Ninja to see if I like it enough to save money and purchase this blender instead of the Vitamix, but it just doesn’t seem to blend well enough! Just made this and, while truly delicious with the addition of the mango, it is still SO thick! So, wondering if it really is worth it to shell out so much money for the Vitamix!


    1. Hi Ashley — I wouldn’t invest in a Vitamix if you’re only going to use it for smoothies. You can purchase a Nutribullet among others great blenders on the market. My smoothie was thick but not chewable because the Vitamix really pulverizes. With any smoothie recipe, if it ends up being too thick you can always add more liquid. Hope this helps. -F.


  4. This is a great recipe! It’s my first foray into smoothies of this kind, and I am now inspired.

    I’m all for making this nightly, but my husband is ready to blend an entire week’s worth of juice in one sitting. Any guidance on how long the blended drink will keep?



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