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This week, I’m mad for food. Cooking it, eating it, watching shows where people put their passion and their hearts out to bear. After spending time with my sweet friend Jamie (who has a forthcoming Scripps lifestyle/cooking web series that I’m DYING to watch), I snatched up my first Kyocera Chef’s Knife, because I’m tired of dull knives and prep being a chore rather than a way of settling into myself and my meal. A Vitamix for all the morning juices that I’m just dying to blitz, and Jane Coxwell’s Fresh Happy Tasty: An Adventure in 100 Recipes, because I need to focus on creating delicious dishes at home instead of relying on my staid dinner mainstays.

This weekend, I’m itching to make this vibrantly-hued superfood salad (photo credit) so I can feel virtuous when I dive into these salted caramel nutella stuffed cookies (photo credit) without a second thought.

Finally, if crave a little simplicity in the kitchen, I encourage you to check out Amy Cao’s Stupidly Simple Snacks series. Her energy is infectious, and her love of creating easy meals in the kitchen will have you making crostini in no time.

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