16 thoughts on “off the grid

  1. Felicia, we knew each other through mutual friends about a decade ago, but I just stumbled across your blog via Girl Gone Child.

    I’m so sorry about your dear cat. I am a cat person and have lost a couple and know how heartbreaking it can be.


  2. Felicia, I am so so so sorry to hear this. I’ve been owned by tuxedo cats since I can remember, and I know what a special place kitties have in our hearts. Take tender care of yourself.


  3. SO sorry. There is no easy way to contend with the loss of a beloved pet. Be gentle with yourself. You have had a very special bond with each other.


  4. What heartbreaking news. I wish there was something I could do or say to help ease your pain and loss. I loved Sophie just from her photos, and I’m sure the real-life experience of her was nothing short of amazing.

    Love & hugs,


  5. Felicia, there are no words. But know that you and Sophie are in my thoughts and in my heart. You will need a brave heart for a long time, but, Sophie will help you through it.


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