daily dose of wisdom: design the day

I’ve always been the sort of woman who oscillates wildly. Skirting the extremes, I take comfort in the dark spaces — so much so that there was a time when I made a country of it. Blanketing the whole of my world with my sadness. It was cold and suffocating, and I’d find myself clawing at the air for escape and never budging an inch. Even as I gave off the impression that I was always moving, I was sessile. Imagine a wounded bird cradled in someone’s hands. The bird knows it has to flap its wings, even makes the motion to do it, but can’t. There is no flight, only the suggestion of it. The desperation for it.

This fissure between my private and public lives was too much to bear, and I slowly found new ways to take flight. To get off the ground, as it were.

The past few weeks have been trying. From friends who’ve deeply disappointed me by their lack of presence, to my cat’s illness — whose conditions oscillates wildly each day {the irony} — to my inability to be inspired, I’ve found myself back to familiar terrain.

Until I saw a longer version of the above video, which put my heart on pause. The simple notion of empowering yourself to define your day as if it’s already happened, rather than allowing it to simply happen, feels prolific. Predictive versus actual. Active versus passive.

Design your day. The act is easy enough. Wake each morning and write, very simply, the account of how your day went, already. Write in the past tense {e.g. I wrote the first draft of an incredible short story. I met two people who changed the shape of how I think.} and make yourself accountable by sending your day designed, in an email, to several of your friends. By the end of the day, you return to your list and compare notes.

So, I’m giving this a go, starting today. I’ll keep you abreast of my progress!

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