shelf trophies: books I love, from me to you…


Joan Didion’s The White Album + Slouching Toward Bethlehem: Everything from Didion’s writing process to water plants and Haight Ashbury, her essays are biting and will propel your own personal velocity | Junot Diaz’s This is How You Lose Her: on adultery, love, heartbreak and the spaces in between | Claire Watkin’s Battleborn: dark, mythic, glorious and severe short stories focusing on the Nevada landscape | Claire Messud’s The Hunters + The Woman Upstairs: a novella and a novel that speaks to brilliant women the verge | Taiye Selasi’s Ghana Must Go: a family wrestles with the death of its patriarch | V. Nabokov’s The Eye: what happens after an affair jolts you into the afterlife | Krys Lee’s Drifting House: unflinching and graceful stories centered on the Korean-American experience | Karen Russell’s Vampires in the Lemon Grove: magical stories that test your imagination and suspend disbelief | Nick Flynn’s The Reenactments: a meditation on memoir, movie-making and memory | Alice Munro’s Dear Life: this is her final book and it needs no introduction | Deborah Levy’s Swimming Home: how a disturbed interloper interrupts a fragile house | Lauren Grodstein’s A Friend of the Family: a swift, enveloping novel centering on the bomb that is the next door neighbor | Sarah Manguso’s The Guardians: a graceful meditation on loss |


12 thoughts on “shelf trophies: books I love, from me to you…

  1. I love your book collection…Joan Didion is insanely talented. I noticed “Never Let Me Go” on your shelf…beautiful and disturbing. I’ll look into some of your food related picks too…have read “Sweet Life” and enjoyed it.


  2. V. Nabokov’s The Eye is an amazing book. I guess for somebody with a russian background living in Berlin it’s a must-read 😉 hehe
    great post! lovely to see how different your books are.


  3. Wow. You have a good book collection. It is a long time that I have read a book but I love reading fiction and novels. Maybe I will try to check the three books, which are Junot Diaz’s This is How You Lose Her, Claire Watkin’s Battle Born and Karen Russell’s Vampires in the Lemon Grove. It is because the books sound adventurous, diverse and have great plots.


  4. Love your collection! A lot of these I’ve either read or they’re on my ‘to-read list.’ Would love to know what you’re currently reading!


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