don’t get smug, lufthansa can lose your luggage, too

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.04.50 AM

There is no greater sentimental education than having an airline lose two meticulously packed pieces of luggage en route to the first real holiday you’ve taken in years. This was the holiday you’d been planning for months, a needed reprieve from leaving a job that was killing you, threatening to wrestle every last bit of air, out. This was a trip all about risk, since every sane person in America told you to stay in New York and look for a job because people at your level are…expensive. But you were separated from your luggage, for possibly forever, and this was the trip where you found yourself in the one of many underwear shops in Rome, a store that resembled a rave replete with strobe lights, a disco ball and fluorescent signage. You were no longer in Kansas, kids, and maybe the ace traveler could have benefitted from a more thoughtful carry-on strategy.

Lesson #1 for the smug, seasoned traveler: Don’t get too smug, Lufthansa can lose your luggage, too.

Interest piqued? Check out my “En Route With” feature on my sweet friend’s Hitha’s blog.

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