pizza in paris: la briciola + maria luisa

After spending nearly a week in Biarritz, it occurs to me how much anxiety I felt in Paris. Manic, I found myself racing from place to place. The days were an endless repetition of prayers (Will I be humiliated again for my imperfect French? Please no), eating (Is it possible to be so full you’re hungry again?), photographs (And the dread you fear editing 200+ photos come evening) and forward motion (Battery is dying) — with little variation.

Why is that enforced solitude allows for all the things we’re desperate to un-see to glow gleaming and white?

It wasn’t until yesterday when I fully came to terms with the maelstrom that was my life before the trip, and how I will manage the hours after I land in JFK. A sobering thought, but one I think {read: hope} I’m finally ready to tackle.

It also occurs to me that while I have so many notes from Paris, I have very few here in Basque country, but I’ve managed to read two books and write two stories in under a week. Funny how that is.

But back to the pizza, if I may. I’ll confess that I actually don’t adore French food. While pastry will always win over my cold, dead heart, French fare doesn’t inspire me the way that I wish it would. So often you’ll find me ferreting out non-traditional spots, focusing more on the desserts and less on obscure fish.

While these two pies are identical looking in nature, I assure you that they are their own special children in taste. I had the pleasure of visiting La Briciola (in the Marais Nord) and Maria Luisa (in the 10th), and both were exceptional in terms of the overall environ and a chewy crust.

At Briciola, you’ll find pizzas topped with ham shavings, heaping French cheeses and verdant salads, and at Maria Luisa you’ll drizzle hot oil on your pie from a smart selection that is swiftly brought to your table. Both pizzas will be achingly satisfying, so much so that you’ll inevitably regret the salad you ordered and wish you had room for another pie.


5 thoughts on “pizza in paris: la briciola + maria luisa

  1. Interesting. While in Paris, my favorite dinners were at an italian restaurant. I actually went back to it a couple of times. I guess I was not too keen on French food either…This pie looks so good. wood fired, right?


    1. I know!! After three weeks in Europe, I’m excited to come home to green juices, kale and all the restaurants that are familiar. However, I’m finding that there are extraordinary Italian restaurants in France, and these two are pretty stellar. Both had wood-burning ovens. Thanks for popping by. Cheers, f.

      On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 2:18 PM,


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