the choux à la crème of your dreams at odette, paris

Remember when I said that as soon as I arrived in Paris that I dropped my bags at the hotel and ran out into the street? After attempting to shove the whole of a towering meringue tart in my mouth, I tried on virtue for size by making the trek to Odette. I rationalized that between the long walk to Notre Dame and the tiny pillow puffs of cream, I was practically burning calories just thinking about the whole plot.

Located right across the river to the south from Notre Dame (5th Arrondissement), Odette harkens back to a Paris you dreamed of in the 1920s. From the black and white tiled floor and antique silver trays and cake stands, to the perfect puffs of cream housed in glass domes to the lush upstairs salon where one could read Stein, Hemingway or Fitzgerald and have a meal for a few francs, you will fall in love with Odette’s charm. And then you will bite into a pastry.

I have a passion for shops that sell a singular item. Whether it be a donut, cookie or stacks of framed photographs, there is something enviable and confident about offering that one ware. At Odette, the pat-a-choux are absolutely worth the splurge. From sublime madagascar puffs to salted caramel to fragrant pistachio, the crisp exterior yields to the cream within, and it’s truly a thing to see, smell, taste and experience.

So I spent a few hours like that, sipping tea, listening to old music and feasting on little puffs of cream.


5 thoughts on “the choux à la crème of your dreams at odette, paris

    1. Anna — I couldn’t agree more. Today I was actually a bit upset when I heard a bunch of folks who were in the 20s chatting away in a cafe. They were ex-pats, clearly, and part of me wondered why I had squandered my 20s deep in the drink. I know it’s impossible to go back, to rewind all the clocks, that one must move forward, but it’s hard to think about what you’ve lost. -f.


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