le loir dans la théière, paris

You could say that I went a little crazy when I left CDG. As soon as I reached my hotel, I raced up the stairs, dropped my luggage, and fled out into the street. Hair matted, wearing a mismatch of pale blue, I armed myself with a list of places to go. I was ready for Paris because I was wearing elastic.

As a lot of blogs have fallen to blight lately, have become all starry-eyed over the foliage that is the American dollar and how many sponsored posts it affords you, I’ve pared down my daily reads considerably. However, Paris in Four Months is a mainstay, not only for the lush, bleached-white photography, but for the easy simplicity to which Carin presents her finds. When reading her posts, one feels as if they’re fingering antique jewels in a music box. Thus, I made a point of jotting down some of her favorite eats, and Le Loir Dans La Théière was at the top of my list.

Named after the dormouse who meets his peril when dunked in the pot at the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice In Wonderland, the cozy eatery is far from nefarious. The plush, mottled couches and counters teeming with sweets are nothing short of inviting. Located in the heart of the Marais, Le Loir is know for their lemon meringue pie (although they’ve an edited menu of light salads and sandwiches), which towers over you, daring you to finish it to the very last forkful of crème.

Believe me when I say I tried, but in the end, it was: Felicia = 0, Meringue = 1.

I chatted up the locals seated next to me to learn that Le Loir is a favorite. Locals come for long, lazy brunches and late afternoon sweet fixes. Clearly we got our fix as we wiped our plates clean and fled into the night.


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