best eats in monterosso, italy: barabba bianca

Can we rewind the clock a few days? Back to a time when I was speaking Spanish and dodging careening cars on the streets of Paris was not the norm? A few short days ago I was standing in front of an ocean scaffolded by the sun. The rocks were stalwart, marble and covered in moss, and the waves were azure, frothy and sometimes translucent. Dipping a toe into the cool water, part of me wanted to dive in. Make a blanket of the ocean. But someone, specifically my tour guide, Enrique, called to me. Feeding time, apparently.

What a joy, what a privilege to spend two hours at Barabba Bianca in Monterosso. Located directly in front of the sea, I spent time in these sun-drenched eatery with new friends and plates of hearty cheeses, perfectly-cooked pastas and cool gelato. The mussels were steeped in a local wine and butter, so my compadres said, and it was possibly the finest fish they’ve ever had. The focaccia was other-worldly, dressed in rosemary and local olive oil, and pared with sparkling water, I felt very much like a character in a Fitzgerald novel.

After, I planted myself on a rock and read until my skin turned a bright pink.


8 thoughts on “best eats in monterosso, italy: barabba bianca

    1. Why, thank you! I make so much of an effort taking and editing (I take hundreds!), so every single time someone praises the effort it makes me that much happier that people love the experience on this space. warmly, f.


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