walk into the sun

I wonder what it’s like to fly so high/Or to breathe under the sea/I wonder if someday I’ll be good with goodbyes/But I’ll be okay if you come along with me/Such a long, long way to go/Where I’m going I don’t know/I’m just following the road/For a walk in the sun — Dirty Vegas’ “Walk Into the Sun”

With a few days left of me being in this country, a few moments before I hop on three planes and travel three countries, I think it’s time to ferret out the light. Yesterday, I left spin class with a sweet friend, and as we we made our way through Union Square, a market where the sun drapes its blanket, he said, Isn’t it amazing that we get to work out during the day? Laughing, I said, let’s hold on to this moment for as long as we possibly can. Before the hours we have to step out of the sun, walk into an office, sit behind a desk, and click the day away. Let’s be a time fakir and steal these hours away before we have to be adults again.

So for once in my life I’m not going to stress out about the hours that lie ahead, rather, I’m going to focus on being present. On falling in love with the days where I’ve privileged to walk right into the sun.


3 thoughts on “walk into the sun

  1. My husband just wrote an entire book on this — on being present! Sounds like you are doing a great job of that. I look so forward to your travel writing. Have a FABULOUS trip!


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