local eats: franny’s, brooklyn, new york

Part of me is nervous {translation: downright petrified} about even writing about Franny’s. Truth be told this is my work colleague, Vivek’s, spot. Vivek has invested hours in sitting at the bar pontificating over Italian wines and the virtues of duck confit. His presence, and the way in which the staff treat him, puts me to thinking of Cheers in the 1980s, where everyone knows his name while I’m a blubbering tourist. However, I will make a futile attempt to shine a necessary light on this extraordinary eatery.

Luckily, my colleague has no interest in reading my blog or I’d be kaput, done for.

While you’ll find scores of articles, blog posts and tweets rhapsodizing on the rising {or failing, depending upon to whom you speak} food renaissance in Brooklyn. Foodies will talk about succulent barbecue on the Gowanus or fragrant hummus on Cortelyou Road. Dozens of smart, Instagram-friendly restaurants dot Brooklyn Heights, Bed Sty, Fort Greene, Carroll Gardens, that it’s hard to keep up. Add in the fact that I’m frightened of failed meals, and cue the vertigo, kids.

Luckily, Franny’s is conveniently located and insanely good. Grab a seat at the bar {good luck getting a table} and you’re greeted with a menu that will make any dead heart beat. From their paper-thin uncut pizzas slathered in luscious olive oil {sausage, meatball and prosciutto can’t be beat} to their perfectly al dente Meyer-lemon cacio e pepe to their slightly briny kale salad to the cool, clean gelatos, you will devour the menu and have, as Edith Piaf so sagely sang, NO REGRETS.


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