sweet eats: nadege patisserie: toronto, canada

Folks who know me well know that my passion for the CROISSANT is unshakeable. It almost rivals my hatred of the MUSHROOM, the MITTEN and the CLOWN. When I was in Paris I indulged in multiple croissants a day, and as Edith Piaf so sagely sang: I have no regrets. So I was a little troubled that I’d yet to find a truly delicious croissant in Toronto until I stumbled upon Nadege Patisserie, a place where your senses are tickled by excellence.

This lovely shop is host to all sorts of visual delights. From liqueur-infused vibrantly-hued macarons to kugelhopf (donuts made with lemon zest — a fusion of German and French flavor) to fine, homemade chocolates and my beloved croissant, you will indulge in every sweet treat you can get your hands on. And believe me when I say I devoured a few in one sitting.


3 thoughts on “sweet eats: nadege patisserie: toronto, canada

  1. Oh, I wish I’d known you were heading up to Toronto – my sister lives there. She knows this bakery well, they have delicious chocolate-covered marshmallows that she buys for our nephew as a treat. Glad you had a nice trip (despite your illness), Toronto is a great city.


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