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Right now I feel very much like the kid caught in closet with a fistful of stolen chocolates. On a very stringent shopping hiatus, I’ve been waxing poetic about austerity and budgeting and then I go bananas and score some lovely linens from a small shop in Toronto. I need to stop buying for the home I want and consider the space I’m in now, but digressions.

love.: The linens in question are a remarkable napkin set and tablecloth from Fog Linen. The weave is absolute perfection and the napkins have a weight that suggests a quality of the fabric and the striking presence it would add to any minimalist dinner table. I tend to go for neutrals as a clean palette against the dishes that will CHANGE THE GAME, KIDS. The dishes to which I refer come courtesy of Elephant Ceramics. Hand-crafted + painted bowls, you’ll fawn over the porcelain and linen blends — if you can ever get them in stock. And while you’re baking up those honey loaves and Christmas cookies, you’re going to want to cover up with one of Valerie Rice’s covet-worthy linen aprons. It’s true that I’m a bit of a linen addict, but you’ll admire the hefty fabric, the smart stitching and the nice fit. I showed off the apron to my office mates and they were quite impressed. A worthy holiday gift, certainly.

life.: Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about kin. How we define (or not) what it means to be part of a clan. Sometimes it frightens me to think that I’m the last of my kind, the final Sullivan to walk the pavement, and sometimes this thought it all-consuming and I can easily get lost in it. So instead of focusing on all that is terrifying I think about my kin — a patchwork of family that I’ve pulled together. People who are a little strange, a little lost, much brilliant and filled with so much love. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I’ve cleaved to Kinfolk Magazine, a magazine centered on gatherings that anchor our relationships, cement us to the things and people we love. From food, entertaining, decor and life stories, you’ll love the honesty in this publication.

eat: Constantly craving this Whole Wheat Seed Loaf, these unctuous chocolatey Sarah Bernhardt cakes, these virtuous Maple Cinnamon Spice Kale Chips, these swoon-worthy Croissants (!!!) and this BANANAS-amazing Chocolate Pomegranate Tart.

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