magical foodie find: la merceria: toronto, canada

How is it that I’m always finding things when I’m not looking for them? When I’m all tra la la, let’s walk the three miles to spin class in Toronto. A class where the bikes actually move — so much so that you’re convinced that you’ll fall off them. It’s chilly here in Ontario, although the denizens will try to convince my otherwise, and I damn near experienced frostbite walking the three miles to cycling class this morning. The streets were abnormally desolate, and the only sounds one could hear were a few cars speeding down the thoroughfare, papers lifting up from the ground because of the wind and the rustle of twigs in the trees. But it was peaceful, this quiet-like, and I studied the buildings, the magnificent murals and the tiny shops dotting the way. And while I’m having a lovely time in this austere, charming city, part of me just wants to be done with the traveling and go home. My schedule is full-on, and I won’t likely have any quiet until Christmas. And while it’s true that I want to leave New York, I miss the familiar and comfort of my space, where I can bake on Sundays and photograph the sweet treats on pretty napkins. Simple, I know, but comforting.

So imagine my joy! glee! and other assorted adjectives when I discovered La Merceria, an Argentinean cafe and home accessories shop. But quite simply it’s a place home to miniature pleasures and treasures. You can savor a homemade almond croissant and tree by the window where the sun pours in, or you can opt to fondle the linen napkins and sample the litany of apothecary soaps and fragrances. From china cups to the PERFECT white mixing bowls with blue trim I spied on Rachel Khoo’s cooking show, you will find simple kitchen accessories that will delight. Choice finds were Denmark’s TineK-Home’s ceramic bowls, Fog Linen napkins and RiaRay soy candles.

The store reminds me of a Scandinavian Anthropologie without all the fanfare and whimsy and full of warmth and flavor, and no doubt you will enjoy some sweet treats while you’re fawning over the goods.


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