chow here now: feel good guru: toronto, ontario

The upside to having a hacking cough that makes me sound as if I’m a trembling woman in her twilight years (you might be wondering if there is such a upside, but I assure you there is) — an aversion to all foods that are naughty and a hunger for all that is virtuous, clean and healing. Over the past week I’ve been an incubus of infection, battling a sore throat and raspy, endless cough, mainlining Vitamin C as if I were on life support and even ingesting Airborne tablets, of which I truly believe to be WORTHLESS. My appetite is not as voracious as it normally is and the only meal that gave me true solace was the delicious kale salad you see here, which can found at Feel Good Guru, a new raw takeout shop located near Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto.

Owned and operated by Moira Nordholt, a self-taught vegan chef who “plays with kitchen chemistry” (love that bit), this is not your ubiquitous, greasy takeout joint. From sprouting wheatgrass to homemade raw cookies and fresh juiced concoctions, you’ll feel as if your organs are getting a SHOWER after chowing at Feel Good Guru.

And we won’t talk about the Kit Kat I ate while watching Taken 2 in my hotel room and just say we did.


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