dorie greenspan’s beurre & sel, new york city

Although many folks outside of baking and culinary circles are unfamiliar with the genius that is Dorie Greenspan, once they bite into one of her cookies they are a believer. Yesterday I put this theory into practice as I lugged in a stash of Beurre & Sel blueberry jammers and chocolate chunk cookies for my office mates who are set to endure a rough two weeks of creative planning for a new, exciting client. After a rather long oration, where I espoused the simplicity of the shortbread cookie and how Dorie managed to make it innovative and complex with layered flavor and textures, I got a lot of glazed-over stares. The kids didn’t want all the context; they just wanted a cookie. However, I was thrilled to see their faces light up after the first bite.

The verdict was unanimous: EVERYONE LOVED THE DORIE COOKIE.

To say that the cookies at Beurre & Sel (located in the Essex Street Market in New York City) are miniature treasures would be an understatement. It would be a downright injustice. From unexpected flavors, shapes and textures to the simplicity of the presentation in her humble shop, a good cookie is not about the fanfare + confetti, it’s about flavor.

Luckily, I’ve a private stash of my own.


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