love. life. eat. of the week

love.: It downright kills me to admit this, but I’ve fallen hard for the goop newsletter. Something about Gwenyth Paltrow has always unnerved me. From her unrealistic, unattainable sense of reality to her pretense of I’m just like you! No really, I am!, I’ve always regarded the actress with a well-attuned side-eye. Yet, her cookbook is pretty strong and her staff’s curated newsletter is spot-on, so I have to call a spade a spade and admit the girl has got great style. In the holiday gift guide goop, I discovered Greenhouse Design Studio and I’m smitten. On my wish list are: Not Your Grandma’s Vintage Teacup Set, Not Your Grandma’s Vintage Kitchen Towel Set, and the Perfect Kitchen Towel Set. I’ve also got my eye on this walnut cutting board from Food52. Commence with the tears, kids.

life.: I can’t stop watching David Michod’s searing Australian crime drama, Animal Kingdom. Hailed as the Australian Goodfellas, there is a raw, magnetic quality to the film, which chronicles the downward spiral of a Melbourne crime family with a seventeen-year-old boy at the center of it all. Much can be said about the blurred lines of the good/bad guy archetypes, the pain of binding to our bloodlines, mothering without a map, and the confusion between childhood/adulthood, but this movie is beautifully shot, brilliantly written and stars a cast whose performances are first-rate. Netflix it, now.

eat.: Based on Alice’s extraordinary photos, I’m aching for a feast at The Fat Radish, followed by cookies at Dorie Greenspan’s Beurre & Sel. Coupling my friend’s chance encounter with Dorie and the luscious cookie centerfold in this month’s Bon Appetit, I’m destined to chow down hard. Next week I’m keen to make this Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Galette, Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Lentils, Bacon, and Pear Salad, Salted Nutella Chocolate Cookies, Irish Soda Bread Grilled Cheese with Pesto and these Espresso Brownies.

4 thoughts on “love. life. eat. of the week

    1. I completely agree. Some of her remarks about having two hours a day devoted to working out make me shake my head. Who has TWO HOURS A DAY to work out? Sometimes I feel as if she’s living in such a contained world of privilege, it’s hard for her to see the forest from the trees. But the goop newsletter is pretty strong. Warmly, f.


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