love. life. eat. of the week

Each week I’ll share my beloved finds with you. Everything from books I’m reading to recipes I’m coveting to little gadgets that have caught my fancy, you’ll get some insight into the bits and bobs that are blowing my mind.

LIFE: I discovered Rachel Khoo on a lark. On a seemingly Odyssean plane ride back from Paris, I’d exhausted the movie selections, seen The Big Chill twice, abandoned my books and dogeared magazines, turning my attention to the television shows. Amidst the ubiquitous foodie shows, I paused in front of a freeze-frame of a smiling brunette rolling out puff pastry. DONE and DONE. After a few moments of watching this infectious British chef, who left her fashion PR job in London in pursuit of pastry at Paris’ Le Cordon Bleu, I was charmed by her passion for pastry, her warmth, wit, and the fact that her BBC show is filmed out of her tiny apartment. In one episode, you actually get a glimpse of her socks as she moving about her kitchen. Khoo’s story is inspiring, as she left her comfortable job and home to live in a new country and start over. After studying patisserie, Khoo launched a private eatery in her tiny apartment in order to road-test her recipes. This was the impetus for her wildly-successful BBC show and cookbook, My Little Paris Kitchen, and I can assure you the show and book are every bit as delightful as Khoo. I haven’t been this smitten with a foodie since Nigella Lawson (before Lawson’s massive attitude and slew of terrible cookbooks). Khoo reminds me that every day it’s possible to alter the course of your life.

LOVE: You will fall rapturously in love with Junot Diaz’s third book and second story collection, This is How You Lose Her. In the interwoven collection of stories you view the heartbreaking consequences of infidelity, how a one-time discretion with a woman who doesn’t false advertise, can lead to a lifetime of regret. Yunior, the acerbic, observant character from Diaz’s previous books returns, and even though he’s completely flawed, consistently breaks the hearts of women he loves, you see the collateral damage in its wake.

EAT: From deepening my passion for Parisian artisans to discovering a Cup4Cup, a gluten-free flour that’s just as foxy as the real thing to pining after A Pastry Affair’s pumpkin rolls, if I weren’t traveling this week, I’d be home every night baking things.

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5 thoughts on “love. life. eat. of the week

  1. I love that you’re highlighting Rachel Khoo and Little Paris Kitchen! Since discovering her this past spring, I’ve seen each episode of the show and want MORE. I too, was inspired by her boldness to make a drastic career change. I formerly worked in fashion editorial in NYC and now operate a small food business, but it makes me far happier.

    Congrats on getting your pumpkin gnocchi with blue cheese featured on The Kitchn! It’s on my make-soon list.


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