quick eats: il cantuccio, new york + an evolving blog direction…

Admittedly, the sandwich below might not look like much, but I assure you that there’s real delirium in every bite. So much so that I found myself ordering this sandwich (a symphony of perfect focaccia, prosciutto d’parma and mozzarella) an hour before my spin class without even considering the consequences of this my feckless act. [Note to self: sandwich before spin = BAD IDEA]

When people learn that I’ve cultivated a lifelong commitment to finding and inhaling the best eats I can find, they start rattling off names of newfangled eateries where one pays for the plate rather than what’s actually on said plate. I don’t care for scenery; I turn up my nose on haute reservations or secret numbers because delicious, simple food should be savored by all. So if you crave the swank eateries, you won’t find them on this space. Rather, you’ll find the gems I’ve taken so long to research, sample and evangelize.

Before I rhapsodize over the almond delights at Il Cantuccio, you may have noticed that I’ve been going through a chrysalis of sorts. Over the past few months I’ve worked incredibly hard to create a space that brings you the very best of what I eat, find, bake and cook — all through the point of view of someone who believes that love, that life, is inexplicably bound to food. As the months press on, you’ll start to see food itineraries and recommendations from my travels (the spots that are rarely in guidebooks coupled with some of the usual suspects) and a deeper focus of bringing my passion for baking to the fore.

What you won’t ever find: advertising, sponsorships or anything that deviates from the core of my virtual home.

I have an idea of where this journey will lead me, and I’ll make a bold pronouncement and say that you’re part of it. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am for your comments, your thoughtful and heartfelt emails filled with encouragement, and your help in pointing me to new recipes to make, new foodies to meet and new places to explore. I hope you’ll be part of this journey and give me feedback along the way.

But back to Il Cantuccio! I’ve been quietly hitting (translation: pacing in front of the storefront, waiting for it to open) this spot for simple, choice sandwiches made from the finest of ingredients — all breads and baked goods made by hand and imbued with a Tuscan sensibility. From the aforementioned focaccia to the biscotti of Prato, also known as cantucci or cantuccini, to the warm croissants and morning pastries, you’ll enjoy a quick, delicious bite without breaking the bank.


2 thoughts on “quick eats: il cantuccio, new york + an evolving blog direction…

  1. Ohhh my goodness. Sorry for stalking today. I just can’t stop reading. But I totally understand what you mean when you say that sandwich might not look like much, but is delirium. A fresh baguette, hunk of Comte cheese and cote de boeuf tomato was one of my favorite cheap and simple meals in Paris. Pure bliss. Also, I may have missed a post about this, but did you visit L’As du Fallafel? I think I read about it on David Lebovitz’s blog and talk about a deliriously good sandwich!


    1. ARGHH!! I wanted to go to L’As du Falafel (it was on David’s blog!) and I didn’t end up going. There are SO MANY places I haven’t visited. I also go this amazing book, Sweet Paris, and clearly there’s a whole list of chocolate places I haven’t patroned.


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