foodie find: julia baker chocolate!

She cried for herself, she cried because she was afraid that she herself might die in the night, because she was alone in the world, because her desperate and empty life was not an overture but an ending, and through it all she could see was the rough, brutal shape of a coffin. ― John Cheever, The Stories of John Cheever

Seven years ago I read this line and threw my book into the water. Then it was dark and the grass was cool and wet and I could feel the crunch of it underfoot. Fireflies wove in the trees and I palmed a glass of Sancerre, frightened of all of it. The day when the clocks come up through the floorboards no longer ticking. When the black waves foam and lap, blanketing the shoreline. The curtain quietly falls and you’ve no theater to show for it. No encore, no thunderous applause. Just the dark and the depth of it. Was quiet meant to be this savage? Or were you meant to wrap yourself in the curtains and run, run, run. run river, run blind, run silent, run deep. Something’s telling to run, but not yet.

But more on that another time.

When I came back from France I craved chocolate. [NOTE TO SELF: Bring a duffle bag of chocolate back, next time] Buckets of it. Dark chocolate squares imbued with fragrant sea salt and almonds. Cocoa caramels. Coconut-coated truffles. Elegant bars of lady-fingers. Praline. Bitter laced with cherries — I wanted it all. However, after being in the land where perfected chocolate is commonplace, I arrived home turning up my nose at the gourmet bars I’d been coveting. Until I discovered Julia Baker Confections. A culinary artist and confectioner, Julia was trained in Paris after abandoning her career as a statistician {oh the plot, it thickens!}, graduated with top honors and maintained a culinary business prior to launching her own eponymous line of confections. Julia’s passion for chocolate is infectious; you can tell after your first bite. How the cacophony of flavors haunt your palate. How you crave just one more square. From buttery milk chocolate bars laden with caramel, to linger-in-your-mouth-you-don’t-want-to-let-go-of-the-flavor truffles, you’ll fawn over the elegant packaging but lay awake at night pining for another square. ONE MORE SQUARE!!.

What if she instead saw the gleaming, beautiful shape of what was to come? What of it, then?

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