chow here right now: comodo, nyc

As I’m writing this I’m watching a crew of ten trying to fix what United calls a “mechanical problem” with our outbound plane. As someone who is terrified of flying, who once screamed WE’RE GOING DOWN! during a turbulent flight to Chicago while I interned at Reuters, this does not give me comfort. I want another plane. Preferably one without any mechanical problems. Perhaps this is a sign — one that means I’m not ready to leave Paris? Who knows. However, with the last of my France posts written {weeping buckets!} I have to turn my head back across the ocean. Back to New York.

Before I left for France I did a most unusual thing — I took an unscheduled day off work. For those who know me well, you’ll know that I rarely miss a day in the office. I’m the sort who will work sixteen-hour days — my predilection for perfection is that great — and will drag myself to work in the midst of a storm. When I was thirteen I stole “working papers” so I can secure a job (one needed to be fourteen to work), and I’ve had one job or another ever since. The thought of NOT WORKING seems foreign to me.

Anyway, I used this day off to prepare for my trip to France, but I made a quick stop to a restaurant that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time: Comodo on MacDougal Street. MacDougal is host to a smart set of restaurants, including one of my favorites, 12 Chairs. Comodo’s austere, minimalist decor and sparse menu had me intrigued. They bill their fare as the “New Latin” — more like the NEW PLACE IN WHICH FELICIA WILL EAT AT FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE (Should she not get killed on this plane). At Comodo, you’ll find an innovative take on traditional Latin/Brazilian cuisine, all made with the freshest and finest ingredients. What I love about the place is the complexity of its simplicity. A kale salad dressed in an avocado paprika vinaigrette, a simple chicken sandwich (torta) made on ciabatta and a luscious aioli dressing. Lunch left me full, not stuffed, and the service/ambiance are impeccable.

If you’re looking to be swept away in the heart of Soho, I implore you to check out Comodo. Well-appointed menu, attentive staff, delicious food.

Update: After 8+ hours of traveling, I got back okay. I’m presently recovering from jetlag, drinking Starbucks, and missing Paris.


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