chow here now: abc kitchen, nyc

For those craving an afternoon of magic, whimsy and farm-fresh fare, I implore you to sneak into ABC Kitchen, and eat EVERYTHING IN A FIVE MILE RADIUS. After a day of errands, which included racing around the city with a fancy-pants camera that was much like a tale straight out of Cinderella, I found myself craving kale (who craves KALE?). Caught in the maelstrom of Union Square’s touristy eateries, and options that were so dairy-heavy, I found myself in ABC Kitchen and feeling as if I was transported into the world of Anthropologie.

From the precious artisan plates to the grandiose flatware and ambient lighting, I wondered if a floral dress would pop out from under the bar. Always a little skeptical of the boutique-cum-restaurant concept, I hoped that the food would live up to the decor hype.


After living six weeks dairy free, I indulged in grilled corn tossed with peppers and manchego cheese, paired with a light kale salad dressed to perfection using serranos, mint and lemon. After texting a handful of friends, they all agreed that ABC is a true gastronomic light. I’ve been told the pasta can’t be beat, and the seasonal market table is pretty strong (try the heirloom tomatoes!). If you’re looking for a sweet spot in Union Square, I wholly recommended ABC Kitchen. Fresh, farm-to-table food made simply, served beautifully.


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